Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daddy's Strip Search IT-150


Hum swung the Olds onto the exit road. He touched the brakes and slowed
to a sedate thirty-five miles an hour. Sulky Lo hadn't been paying much
attention. But when Hum found himself on a two-lane, high-crown road
behind a hay-laden farm truck, Lo sat up straight and looked around. She
wasn't very happy.

"Hey, wait a sec," she whined. "Where we going?"


"PISKY? Is that really the name of a town?"

"Uh-huh. Pisky. It's just eight miles down this road." Hum glanced at
his watch. Two-thirty.

On a warm spring day. In rural Arkansas. According to the map, the town
was large enough to support a public school. And with luck, the school
would be discharging its student body for the day just as the big Olds
turned onto Main Street.

"Dads, can I ask you a stupid question?"

"Ask away."

"What possible reason could you have for going to dumb, loathsome
impossibly ordinary Pisky, Arkansas? Can you answer that or is it too
stupid for you?"

"Lo? Shut up. Don't make a big deal out of this. There's probably an ice
cream shop in Pisky. You can have a coke or a banana split."

Hum swung to the left to see around the farm truck. Then swung back
again. Not safe to pass. He had slowed to fifteen miles an hour .!1nd
began to fume at the delay

"Did I ask for a banana split? Huh? Did I? I'm not even hungry. I
couldn't eat a banana split."

Hum didn't react. Lo glanced at him. She slumped in her seat and stuck
out her lower lip. "Well, I think it stinks. It stinks on dry ice."

Hum sighed. He wouldn't play her game. She wasn't going to get a rise
out of him. He shot a quick glance at his step-daughter. Her arms were
crossed over her plum-sized breasts. She huddled over against the car
door -- as far from him as she could get. Her checked cotton dress was
rucked up, showing most of her golden brown thighs. Hum thought of
reaching over and stroking the thigh nearest to him from knee to crotch.
He smiled and darted a look at her, remembering their encounter that

"Wasn't I good to you this morning?"

"What do you mean 'good to me'?"

"Well, I let you sleep and then I brought you your coffee the way you
like it."

"Oh yeah? Big deal. Big fucking deal."

"Lo, that's shocking. You know I don't like to hear you talk like that."

"Well, you don't bring me coffee and you don't do anything for me unless
I let you play with my pussy, daddy. You beast. You dirty old
man...taking advantage of my youth and inexperience."

"For god's sake, I was sound asleep and you woke me up with your dirty
finger up my slit. Good to me? You stink, you pervert."

"Funny. I thought you loved what my finger was doing to you. Your slit
got very slippery and you didn't object when I rubbed it."

"Well, you wouldn't let me have the coffee until I gave in to your
obscene demands."

Hum grinned. remembering how his swollen cock stretched her tight.
slippery little hole. She cried a little at first because she was so
tight and he was so big. But it didn't take long before she was crying
with pleasure.

After he was well-placed inside of her with the walls of her cunt
pressing around his ten-incher, her velvety thighs locked around his
sides and she moved with him in the ancient rhythm of love. She gasped.
Her skinny little legs wrapped around his body and they slapped wetly
together . He remembered short-stroking her keeping most of his cock
inside of her and moving it only slightly back and forth. Then when she
had become used to the rhythm, he slowed and gave her the master stroke.
The fragile membrane ring of her tight young cunt traveled the entire
length of his throbbing pole. from his sopping wet balls to the swollen
purple helmet.

She wanted it faster and harder but he wouldn't permit it. He insisted
on maintaining control and showing her who was in control. This is my
fuck he seemed to be saying and you will do it my way.

Frustrated, she wriggled and tried to force a change. But he was too
dominant. He pounded at her with his cock. In and out. Her breath became
shallow. She felt swooney and made wordless cries...softly at first and
then louder as her passion grew.

First, it was" Ah. Ah. Ahaaa. Aaaaa." Then, it became,"0o. 0o.
000oooooo." Which turned into "Ungh. Ungh. Ungh." as she neared her
climax. He sensed it. Pounding harder, he met her stroke for stroke. Her
frenzy blossomed and. just as she began to boil over, he pressed his
fingertip into the spasming bud of her tight little asshole.

She bucked and shuddered as his finger probed the depths of her asshole.
He drove it in and out as she screamed her pleasure. The sphincter ring
squeezed his finger but couldn't stop the action. There was too much
girl slime lubricating everything. Her entire bottom was covered with

As she reached completion and he felt his orgasm begin, he gazed
tenderly at her sweet freckled face. Her eyes met his in a glassy stare.
They bulged. Her mouth twisted into a grimace of unlike her
face in repose. Her lips formed a caricature of a smile. but it was the
face of a girl-beast.

"Argh," he cried as his cock spat into her hot little treasure box. "
Argh...Argh...Argh," signaled spurt after spurt.

"Yes...yes...yes," she cried, urging him to give her more...more...more.

Then, he was done. He collapsed on top of her, digging his face into her
soft neck, pressing kiss after kiss against the throbbing pulse at her
throat. His newly-limp cock slipped from the drooling lips of her cunt.
They lay that way for a while and then she began to stir under his
weight. She kissed his sweaty forehead.

"Let's do it again," she murmured.

Hum's reverie ended. The road widened suddenly and he saw a chance to
swing around the hay-laden farm truck. He gunned it.

Lo sat up and yelled "go for it!" She could slip out of a sullen mood as
easily as she could slip out of her blouse. Because of this, her moody
spells were almost bearable. Hum knew her sulk would end and she would
become the adorable laughing teenager he doted on. A lighter mood
engulfed them as they sped into downtown Greater Metropolitan Pisky.

"Yeccch," said Lo, "what a shitty town."

Main Street was about what you might expect one scuzzy store front after
another. Hum conceded that Lo's appraisal was accurate. The town had a
look of chronic failure. A fly speck on anyone's map, Pisky seemed never
to have been anything and unlikely to be anything. Everyone had given up
on the place.

"Well, here we are," said precious Lo, "what are we looking for, daddy
dear? Good old Pisky High? You are really hung up on that young high
school pussy aren't you, you chump."

Hum didn't respond. He glided down Main Street at fifteen miles per
hour, looking left and right at every intersection. They sailed past the
sheriff's office, right next to the county jail. They passed Harvey's
Food and Grain, Full Value Hardware, Sear's Catalog Store, Min and
Fred's Pizza, Gordon's Jewelry, Billy-Bob's Leather Goods and the Pisky
Super Mart.

"Hold it, Hum. Stop here. Pull over, will ya."

"Wha--wha--what's up?"

"I want to go to that sheriff's office and turn you in. I want to report
your disgusting behavior in the motel room this morning. I want to tell
the sheriff how my daddy put his tongue in my pussy and ate me out for
an hour and then made me suck on his cheesy cock until he squirted into
my innocent mouth. And then I want to tell him how you stuck that ugly
horse cock into my -- hold It, dads. There's one coming around the
corner. Just right for you--she can't be more than a few months over

Hum's head swiveled in the direction Lo indicated. The young school girl
was slender and pretty. Her hair was straight and black and fell to
below her shoulders. She held her school books to her chest. Her mini-
dress stopped at mid -thigh and she wore white knee-highs. - She turned
onto Main Street with a purposeful and athletic stride. What anyone
would notice first about her, however, were her eyes. They were a
velvety black and seemed almost too large for her face. They were like
the eyes of a doe.

"Oh, she's pretty, daddy dear. You'd like to do it with her, wouldn't
you, you revolting pervert. Just see how she swings that adorable little
ass.......almost like, she knows you're looking at her.

You'd like to stand behind her and press your cock between her buns,
wouldn't you, you filthy old man. Are you getting hard? Lemme feel it."

Lo put her hand in Hum's lap. She groped around. She couldn't feel much
through his pants and jockey shorts.

"Where is it? C'mon, I know it's in there. Where you hiding? Ah-h-h-h,
there it is. There's your miserable little worm."

Lo ran her fingers down the lengthening cock and then back again. Back
and forth, lightly her fingers stroked him. He began to feel a little
something as a result of her attentions. His cock lurched under her
touch. She knew she was getting somewhere. She could feel it. She began
to croon to the lengthening stalk as it stretched down his leg.

"Pretty cock. Beautiful, beautiful cock that daddy likes to put in Lo's
hot mouth. Lovely cock that daddy likes Lo to suck on and lick and kiss
and that he jams in Lo's throat until she almost chokes. Sweet and sour
cock that spits all over Lo's face until she's drenched with daddy's
stuff and it runs down her neck."

Hum gave a cry and tore at his belt with excited fingers. He stripped
his zipper all the way down and ripped his jockey shorts aside. His
throbbing cock stood out from his crotch as he thrust his hips forward.
It bobbed up and down with the excitement of the moment.

"Owr-rh...owr-r-rh," he growled. His voice surprised even him.

"Owr-r-rh, you sweet slut. You darling cunt. You fuck-mouth. You sucking
bitch. You horny twat. You baby-cunt. You sweet cock sucker. Oh. Oh.

Lo knew she had him by the balls in more ways than one when he started
calling her dirty names. He always did that when his excitement carried
him almost beyond control. This was no ordinary passion. This was close
to frenzy and she loved knowing that she was the cause. She loved
arousing him to this peak.

The Olds was weaving down Main Street so he pulled over to the curb and
killed the motor. Lo moved across the seat and began jerking him off .

"Look at that pretty girl now, daddy.

Wouldn't you like her fingers around your cock? Pretend it's her hand.
Pretend she's jerking you off. Does that do it for you? Huh? Just think
of putting your hand up that mini-skirt. Imagine pulling her panties
down, you chump. Imagine burying your face in her sweaty, smelly, drippy
little crotch. You'd love that, wouldn't you, you creep.

Hum had swung his gaze to the girl on the sidewalk. Again, his cock
lurched in Lo's grasp. His chest heaved and he gasped with rising
excitement. Lo's fingers moved faster and faster around his cock shaft.
He suddenly realized that she was chanting something. He listened
closely and could make out the words. It was a cheer.

"Gimme a P. Gimme an I. Gimme an S-K-Y. Gimme a P. Gimme an I. Gimme an
S- K - Y. Pisky ...Pisky ...High...High...High." And her hand moved bock
and forth over his thick throbber to the rhythm of the cheer.

Hum went over the edge. His cock spurted hot come all over the place.
Still she didn't stop. The lather that poured from his cock covered the
head and most of the cock shaft. Her hand slipped easily back and forth,
lubricated by his slime. It poured out of him by the teaspoonful.

"Wow," she said, awed by the volume of his hot issue, "you're a regular
fountain. Did daddy like that, hm-m-m-m? Scope a little girl and you're
a regular gusher ain'cha?"

"You folks jus' passing through?"

Lo stiffened. The strange voice came from behind her. She sucked in her
breath. Her eyes bulged. She grabbed the sweater on the car seat and
casually tossed it on Hum's lap....over his still gaping fly. She also
thrust her slimy fingers between her hip and the car seat.

She turned and looked in the direction of the strange voice; she looked
directly into the face of Sheriff Roche, Pisky's number one law
enforcement officer. Bull Roche, pronounced "roach", although there were
those in the town who tried to give the name a two syllable smattering
of elegance by calling him Sheriff Row-shay. Bull thought that was
bullshit and corrected them right away.

Bull surveyed Hum and Lo through dark aviator Polaroids. He wore his
smokey hat squared off and pulled down close to the dark glasses. He
also wore a broad smile that didn't have so much as a gram of humor in
it. It was the smile of a Disney cat that has cornered a mouse.

Sheriff Roche was making his mid afternoon tour down Main when he
spotted the Olds with the out-of -state plates. He glided up alongside
noiselessly and wound down his window. Hum never heard him. Neither did
he see the spinning blue light on top of the Sheriff's shiny squad car.

The motor of the blue and white with the big star on the door was quiet.
Hum wouldn't have heard it anyway over the sound of Lo's Pisky cheer.
When he looked up at the sound of Bull's voice, his stomach knotted up
like a fist.

Hum smiled at the gnarled face of the peace officer--a smile full of
sweetness and hope. "Nice town you got here, sheriff," Hum ventured. "My
daughter and I were just driving through when we got an intense case of
the dries. I'm sure you can tell us where we might buy a Coke or a
Doctor Pepper, eh?"

"This is your daughter? How do, Miss." Bull touched the brim of his
smokey and smiled.

Hum noticed that the smile didn't warm a bit though it did show a bit of
gold from Bull's fancy dental work. Hum also deduced that Bull could not
have seen any of Lo's heavy breathing effort in his crotch. After all,
he couldn't see anything of Sheriff Roche below the shoulders. Roche
could not therefore see any activity below his or Lo's shoulders. The
knot in Hum's stomach relaxed somewhat.

"Tell you what you do, neighbor. Jus' you follow my cruiser down Main to
the Pisky Sweet Shoppe. It's just a block ahead on the right and, if
they can't wet your whistle, no one can. And the treat's on me. You can
tell me what you're doing so far from Connecticut."

Hum nodded and smiled. Having a soft drink with a law officer was not
exactly his idea of a fun time.


"Coke's okay for you folks?" Sheriff Roche asked, as they settled into
the Pisky Sweet Shoppe. "Three cokes, Marcella," he called to the

Hum found himself liking the ambience, notwithstanding the hulking
presence of Sheriff Roche. It became obvious that the store was a teen
hangout, as high school students in two's and three's began drifting in.

Lo, despite her earlier bellicosity, had little to say. But her smug
smile spoke volumes. She watched Hum cast glances right and left
checking out the pretty . teenage girls. What a deal, she thought, the
Sheriff himself had gathered them into the very place where Hum most
wanted to be.

"What kind of business you in, Mr.---- ?"

"Ah-h-h, Humbert. And my daughter, Dolores, is known far and wide as
Just plain Lo."

"I'm both a teacher and a writer, Sheriff and I've been researching a
book I plan to write on the rituals and customs of teenage Americans of
this day and age. Lo and I have been touring in conjunction with that
endeavor -- making notes, conducting interviews and taking pictures of
young people before returning to my faculty chores at the College of
Central Connecticut."

Lo regarded Hum with wide-eyed surprise as he made this statement. Her
smile grew wider. This was the first she had heard of Hum's book project
and she was stunned by his powers of invention.

"I know you'd be surprised, Sheriff, at the lack of homogeneity among
teenagers from one state to another. Little or nothing in common from
area to area. Remarkable!"

"Uh-huh, well you won't find too many of those homos in Pisky" I can
tell you straight out, Mr. Humbert."

Lo's amusement grew but her attention was caught by a trio of teen girls
in the next booth. She tuned out Hum and the Sheriff. The three girls
had their heads together and were whispering back and forth. Lo could
just about make out some of the words. She turned her head slightly and
aimed her ear in their direction. A sweet young blonde with hair in
pigtails was regaling the others with the details of her romance with
Pisky High's math teacher.

"Did you suck him?" one of the girls asked the little blonde.

"Well. I wanted to, I really did. But the semester ended and I didn't
see him for the whole summer."

"Are you saying you'd take it right in your mouth! Yuck-k-k!"

"Hey, listen. How bad can it be. I mean you probably said 'yuck' about
French kissing before you tried it. Right?"

"That's different from sucking a prick, Tracey. I mean, he pisses out of
his prick after all. That's what makes it seem, you know, undesirable."

Lo was dying to put her two cents worth into the conversation. She could
tell them a thing or two.

Sheriff Roche was saying, "...and he was sitting there in his car, fully
exposed, as the girls were coming down the street. Those teens nowadays
have lots of problems. But the problems are coming from the grown-ups. I
mean the grown-ups ARE the problem. The kids aren't half bad. Begging
your pardon, miss."

"What. Oh, I'm sorry, Sheriff, but I missed what you were saying."

"I was just explaining to your daddy here how a lot of girls get into
real bad trouble because of grown-ups."

Hum, nodding his agreement, looked thoughtful and wise.

"Why shucks," the Sheriff went on, "law enforcement in Pisky would be a
lead-pipe cinch if I didn't have to spend half my time protectin' the
morals of these fine young teenagers."

"Hm-m-m-m," said Hum. "That's a most stimulating thought, Sheriff. I
could devote a chapter in my book to that idea, if you wouldn't mind me
quoting you. Don't you agree, Lo? I mean, what he says makes a lot of
sense ...about grown-ups being a big part of the problem, that is. Ah--
how many men have you arrested for indecent exposure in the past year,
Sheriff ."

Lo leaned toward the Sheriff. She didn't want to miss a single word. His
answer was quick and forthright.

"Three and a half, he said with a wry smile.

"Three and a half exhibitionists?", said Hum.

"Uh-huh. Woulda been four but a carnival passed through last summer and
the fourth perpetrator was a midget with the show. Nothing small about
him the sex department though. That little pervert was hung like a

"Hung?," said Lo with a twinkle in her eye. She felt full of fun.

"What I mean, Miss Lo," said the Sheriff reddening, "is that he had a
really big shlong."

"Shlong? ," said Lo.

"Yeah. Shlong. You know --dork... weenie... tool...dick...salami... ?

Lo stared at the Sheriff, open-mouthed.

"Dork," she said. "DORK? How do you spell it?"

"Lo," Hum interjected, "the Sheriff is trymg to tell you in a non-
offensive way that the midget's pants were open and his thing was
hanging out. Dork is a euphemism. The Sheriff, very kindly, I might add,
prefers not to use a vulgar term."

"Like --- ?"

Now, Hum's ears began to redden. He figured Lo was pushing her joke a
little too far. He threw her a hard glance that said "Don't DO this". Lo
smiled sweetly. Her eyes twinkled mischievously.

Again, she said, "Like -- ?" Hum felt pinned down. He assumed his
academic mask.

"Prick" he said in a low whisper.

"Oh" 'said Lo, turning to the Sheriff , "you meant the midget had a big

"Enormous. Begging your pardon, Miss Lo but that little pervert had the
biggest cock I'd ever seen. On a full-sized man, that cock would have
been considered a beauty. On him --" The Sheriff groped for a most
accurate word.

"On him," he continued, "it was awesome."

Bull Roche shook his head and stared out the Sweet Shoppe window, re-
living the incident of the midget with the giant organ.

"Yep. Caught the little bugger back of the sideshow tent with two
teenage girls. He had a hold of that thing and was wavin' it under their
noses. And they was a-gigglin' and a-grabbin' at it. One of the girls
wrapped her fingers around it and was pullin' the skin back and forth.
Before I could interfere, that huge tool exploded, shootin' his gunk
allover their hair, on their f aces, all over. It was a gen-
you-ine mess."

By this time, the Sweet Shoppe was filling with the after-school crowd.
Hum's eyes were all over the place. His glance darted from one toothsome
teenager to another. Stevie Nicks, Prince and Bruce- Springsteen took
turns blaring from the juke box. Computer games pinged and panged. Girls
giggled and sucked at Cokes and milkshakes. Boys studiously ignored them
-- except for the bolder types who hit on the girls with outrageous
propositions. Whereupon the girls pretended shock and in the excitement
of the moment wriggled their sweet bottoms on the Naugahyde seats.

If you should ask Hum his idea of paradise, he would describe the Pisky
Sweet Shoppe and its occupants. Even the presence of Sheriff Roche
couldn't dampen his excitement at being in the midst of so much
quivering pussy, savoring its possibilities and playing one erotic
fantasy after another on the x-rated screen of his fevered mind.

Skillful Hum could run and whistle at the same time. And he could
carefully survey a room while appearing to give the Sheriff his full
attention and concern. Hum had a way of listening that made the other
person feel loved and important. Without himself saying a word, Hum made
the Sheriff feel that his pronouncements were golden and worthy of being
passed down through generations -- much like the teachings of Buddha or
the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Clever Hum.

Lo's interest in the midget with the king-sized equipment was swiftly
flagging. She would rather hear more of the opinions of the girls at the
next table.

"I run him in," the sheriff was saying, "and chased the girls home. They
was cryin' by that time and wipin' the spunk from their hair and faces.
The little guy passed an uncomfortable night as a guest of the city. He
moved on with the carnival next day. I was gonna pass along a report to
the next jurisdiction but--"

The Sheriff was interrupted by a shrill sound from his breast pocket.
Hum's eyebrows shot up.

"Beeper," Sheriff Roche explained. "Be right back."

He went to the phone and checked in with his office. Lo saw her chance.

"How's your dork, daddy," said Lo the funster. Hum shook his head.

"You take too many chances, m'love. And my dork, for all you care is
nearly throbbing out of control."

When the sheriff returned, he was excited. He didn't sit down.

"Here's your chance to see police work in action. Might be something
you'll wanna put in your book. My deputy just spotted a flasher down on
Main. C'mon, Humbert, this is a rare opportunity for you. You can leave
your daughter here. She'll be alright and this won't take too long."

Hum didn't know what to do. He didn't want to leave Lo but he didn't
want to cast any doubt in the Sheriff's mind about the book he was

"C'mon. Humbert," the Sheriff said.

"Lead the way, Sheriff. Lo. do you want to sit in the car?"

"Naw. I'm okay." With the squeal of tires and the shrill of a siren. Hum
and the Sheriff were on their way to the scene of a crime.


"Who are you?"

"Do you live in Pisky?"

"How do you know Roachy?"

"Was that your dad?"

"What's your name?"

"Is Roachy a friend of your dad's?"

The three girls at the next table got up when Hum and the Sheriff left
and they surrounded Lo and peppered her with questions. They moved into
the seats vacated by Hum and the Sheriff.

"I'm Tracy."

"Hi. I'm Lo."


"Dolores, actually, but I never use it."

"Hi Lo, I'm Cassie. And this is Jessica."


"Yeah, well, me and my dad were just passing through. We're driving to
the west coast. The Sheriff saw us stopped on Main Street and offered to
buy us a Coke. And here we are."

"I hope you won't think us too rude," said Cassie, the cute redhead with
a face full of freckles, "but we noticed you and wondered what kind of a
bullshit story Roachy was giving your old man."

"Yeah," said Jessica, "Roachy's so weird and you shouldn't believe a
word he says."

"He was telling us the story of the midget with the big cock. Have you
heard that one?"

"Have we heard it? Everyone in Pisky has heard that one. It's Roachy's

"Sheez, if he didn't have the midget story, there wouldn't be any
conversation Lo." ,

"What about the two girls in the story? Do you know them?"

"I know one of them," Tracy said. "You know her too, Cassie. Konky
Donahue. From Pisky Heights?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Roachy never said who the girls were but Konky herself told me. She
said it was a real hoot. The midget paid them a half a dollar to jerk
him off. Konky figured it was a good deal but Roachy came along and
spoiled it."

"Roachy isn't awfully bright, Lo," Jessica said, "But he does have
certain basic skills."

"Yeah," said Cassie, "like playing sticky finger."

Cassie laughed. She was the bimbo of the group -- plain as cotton
panties but bright-eyed and with a quick and easy smile. Her straw-
colored hair was pulled back in a pony tail. But many strands escaped
and fell randomly across her brow. Her mother called her 'slobby' but
her friends thought of her as 'casual'.

"Jessica means that you have to watch out for Roachy, Lo. He has a yen
for hot pussy. The word is out that if he catches you for speeding or
even for jaywalking, he'll take you to jail and strip-search you for
drugs. The man loves to get his fingers up inside a moist crack."

"...or asshole," Jessica added.

"Right," said Tracy. "Can you imagine hiding a reefer in your asshole!"

"Can you imagine Roachy looking for one there," Cassie giggled.

Lo whooped at the thought. She was enjoying herself. Traveling with Hum,
she didn't often get a chance to gab with girls with similar interests.
She missed this kind of talk and laughter.

"I have a confession," Lo said. "A while ago, when you were talking at
the other table, I tried to listen."

Cassie's eyes widened.

"Could you hear us?" she wanted to know.

"Just a word here or there. I got the impression that you were talking
about giving head, right?"

All three girls gaped at Lo. Their mouths opened in surprise.

"You could hear us," Cassie said, "do you suppose Roachy heard us?"

"I doubt it," Lo said, "He was too busy telling Hum the midget story.
Anyway, all I could hear was about how Cassie wanted to suck her math
teacher's cock and you two were appalled at the idea. At that point I
wanted to jump into the conversation and give another opinion."

"Well, jump right in, honey, we're all, ears," said Cassie.

"Um-m, well, I'm on your side, Cassie, I realiy adore sucking cock -- as
long as the guy is clean, that is. I think it's a natural part of having

"See," Cassie exulted. "When's the last time you sucked one, Lo."

"This morning."

Again the mouths of the three girls dropped in surprise.


"You don't mean...."

"You don't mean your own father, do you?"

"Would it make it less traumatic for you if I told you he's my step-
father? No blood relation. We do sex together all the time. I mean it
sure beats waiting around for the phone to ring -- the way it is for
most kids. And then it may be someone you don't even want to go out
with. Besides, when I'm home, I go out with guys the same as you do."

"Doesn't er-um, er-your father get pissed when you go out with guys,

"He'd sure get pissed if he knew I was telling you this, that's for
sure. He's awfully self-conscious about it. I think he's afraid
somebody's going to arrest him for impairing the morals of a minor."

Jessica and Tracy sat with their eyes downcast, looking into their Coke
glasses as if they'd find the truths about girl/boy relationships among
the melting shards of ice. Cassie looked directly at Lo. Their eyes
locked and Lo felt that, in the few moments they had been together, she
and Cassie had established something special between them. She felt
swooney, light-headed, her tummy felt butterflies. She felt good. She
felt warmth coming from Cassie. She felt glad about that and knew that,
if Hum returned and they piled into the Olds and took off, she'd feel an
awful sense of loss. She guessed that Cassie probably felt the same way.

Tracy broke the silence.

"I don't really know what to think about it, Lo. I tend to think of it
in terms of my own father and the whole idea is so new to me that I
can't sort things out. I've never thought of my dad as a sexual object
exactly...though I have nothing against older men."

"Yeah, let's hear it for Tracy's dream boy, her next door neighbor,
Charlie Robins. That's Tracy's big crush, Lo. Hey, Trace, we all know
you'd do it with Charlie but would you suck his cock?"

Tracy smiled and blushed. Tracy was a slender and willowy girl with
long, shiny, black hair. She parted it in the center and it fell
straight on either side of her lovely face and curved around her
delicate jaw like parentheses. She had a little motion with her head
that tossed her hair to the side if it interfered with seeing or eating.
She wore no makeup; she needed none.

"I don't know what I'd do with Charlie. I guess I'd just let things
happen and go with whatever came along," Tracy said.

"Good answer, Tracy ," said Lo. "I know I'd never even given it a
thought until it happened and then it just seemed like the natural thing
to do. Now, I look forward to it. And I enjoy it every time. Boy, all
this talk is making me horny. My pussy's a regular swamp."

Lo looked into Cassie's blue eyes. Cassie again locked eyes with Lo and
licked her lips. Lo felt a yearning in her stomach unlike anything she
had ever felt before. She was stunned by her feelings. She didn't
understand them and she was certain that she had never ever before
experienced anything so strong, so positive and so downright puzzling.
Hey, she thought, what's going on here?

"Could I ask a question?," said Jessica. "-- about giving head."

Of the three girls, Jessica was the one who would always draw stares
from older men and who would hear cat-calls and wolf cries from the boys
at school. Even at her age, her figure was rounded and full. She didn't
wear a bra and her breasts had a definite bounce to them.

"Fire away, Jess," said Lo. "I'll try to answer it."

"Well, see, the only thing I've done so far is give hand jobs. I been
giving them to my brother and his friends. And to some of my friends. It
keeps me busy and it keeps them happy and I don't get in any trouble. I
don't mind jerking the guys off. It's kind of fun. What I'm saying is,
I'm no stranger to hard cocks and I'm no stranger to seeing a guy come
and come hard. I like to see a guy shoot and go ape with the feelings of

"I think I know where your questions going to wind up," said Lo, the
smart and sexually experienced one. "You want to know if you swallow the
stuff when the guy comes. Right?"

"Yeah. What do you do with it? Do you take it out of your mouth? Will it
hurt to swallow it?"

"Naw. You can swallow it if you want to. It can't hurt you. Or you can
hold it in your mouth and spit it out. Or you can spit it on the guy's
cock and use it for lubrication and jerk him off. Whatever makes you
comfortable. Personally, Jess, I love to see it squirt. I mean, usually
you've been working for it. And seeing it shoot is the result of your
efforts, right? So there's a kind of satisfaction about it."

"What about taste?"

"You mean does it taste good? Well, it's different. I don't know what to
compare it to. I like it. The taste is all part of the whole thing. I
mean, there's the feeling of the warm cock filling your whole mouth.
There's the odor, the male fragrance filling your nose. There's the
action -- the licking, the tonguing, the sucking, the nibbling, the
deep-throating -- all part of it. There's the visual thing -- seeing
that thing get big and throbby. There's the hot squirt into your throat,
or on your tongue. And there's the feeling of it growing hard in your
mouth when he's ready for a second go."

"Yeah, and don't forget the guy's excitement during the suck. I mean the
guy doesn't just lay there. He's feeling something, right? Damn betcha.
Unless he's a corpse, he's going to be part of the action. At some
point, he's going to be fucking your face."

"Oh-oh. Lecture over. Here comes Hum and Roachy." The girls looked up
sheepishly. Disappointment was written allover their faces as they
watched the two men approach.

"Sucker got away," the Sheriff said breathlessly. "But don't worry,
we'll get him yet."

The adrenaline was flowing. Both men were keyed up. No longer were they
two citizens doing their civic duty. They were hunters. They felt the
excitement of the chase. Their quarry wouldn't escape for long, damned

Lo stared at Hum.

"What's that on your shirt?" She pointed at a nickel-plated star.

Hum gave an aw-shucks shrug of his shoulders.

"I've been deputized. We're going to have to stay around a bit while I
study police methods." He looked around the table.

"I see you've made friends." Lo and Cassie exchanged happy grins. This
would work out just fine, they seemed to say. The other girls whooped
their joy at the turn of events. They were all getting along so well and
they didn't want to separate.

"Where'll we stay?", Lo asked.

"I checked us into the Sleepy Valley Motel. Here's the key. Pick up some
snacks. Some tonic water to go with my gin. Whatever else you can think
of. Sheriff Roche and I are going to be busy for a couple of hours."

"This'll be good for his book," the Sheriff said. "Nothing like hands-on
experience. Teach him more than a week of talking. And god knows, I
could use a little help."

"Okay with me," said Lo. "Where's the motel?"

"Down on Woodcrest Avenue," Cassie volunteered. "I'll show you."

"Lead on, babycakes. What about you girls?"

"Got to get home," said Jessica.

"Me too," said Tracy. "My mom'd kill me. Will we see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. It's Saturday. Let's meet right here. Noon okay with everybody?"

Everybody split. Lo and Cassie did the errands Hum had wanted. Cassie
had a blast showing Lo the highlights of the little town. And by the
time they arrived at the Sleepy Valley motel, they were walking hand in
hand. Old friends. Loving each others company. Wanting to be together.
Wanting to be close.


"Oh, neat," said Lo, looking around the motel room. The room had the
stamp of motel modern plastic on it. The drapes and the furnishings were
brand new. The overall design came out of a design lab in Cambridge,
Mass. Sleek, cold, inoffensive, tidy. In addition to the two double
beds, there was a tiny efficiency kitchen with a sink below a counter
fridge, all of it behind sliding doors of walnut plastic. And of course,
the ubiquitous color TV.

Lo stashed the groceries.

"How about a Coke?," she asked, turning to Cassie. Cassie was right next
to her. They smiled into each others faces.



"YOU feel it too."

"Oh, yes."

"So good."


"I feel so happy."

"Me too. It was so unexpected."

They kissed and held each other. Lo trembled. Cassie was not
inexperienced. Her tongue fluttered inside Lo's lips. Lo's hands went to
Cassie's bottom. She squeezed the firm buns, pulling them apart. Cassie
thrust her pubic mound against Lo's and ground her sex against it. Their
tongues continued to search and parry. Their lips parted. Their heads
drew back and they searched each others faces. They hungered for each
other. It was as if each couldn't see half enough of the other.

"I feel so lucky," Lo said.

"Me too." Cassie ground her mound against Lo's.

"Um-m-m-m," she said. "Let's take our clothes off ."

"Wanna race," said eager Lo. "Tell you what. I'll turn on the air-
conditioning and then we'll undress each other."

Sitting at the edge of the bed with nude Cassie standing in front of
her, Lo marveled at the soft curves of her new friend. Cassie's breasts
were tiny, barely more than large swollen nipples. Lo tweaked them. She
ran the palms of her hands allover the other girl. Her thighs. Her plump
bottom. She gasped when she put her finger between the lips of Cassie's
cunt. Her finger came away soaking wet.

She looked at the finger and then looked up at Cassie's face. Their eyes
locked. She raised her hand to her face and put the dripping finger in
her mouth. Cassie gasped. She pushed Lo back on the bed and lay down
alongside of her. Side by side, they caressed each other. Their hands
went to each others crotch. They mimicked each others movements. When
Cassie's middle finger sank deep into Lo's cunt, Lo's finger sank into
Cassie's. When Cassie's finger swirled around, Lo did likewise.

"So good. So good," Lo murmured. "I want to eat your pussy."

"Uh-huh," said Cassie. "How do you want me?"

"Put your head on the pillow and I'll get between your legs."

"Ok." Cassie scrambled to the head of the bed and laid on her back with
her legs spread. Lo laid on her stomach with her face directly over
Cassie's crotch. With her thumbs, she spread Cassie's cunt lips and
surveyed the pink moistness.

"Um-m-m-m, that looks lovely sweetheart, so sweet, so wet for me, so
juicy. I want my tongue deep inside of you."

Cassie started to wriggle and thrust her wide open pussy at Lo's face.
She hunched forward.

"Don't tease me, darling. Do me. Do me, please."

Lo smiled. She loved being in control.

"I'm gonna lick up one side and down the other. Which side shall I start
with, I wonder."

"Please," Cassie cried.

Good as her word, Lo extended her tongue and lapped at Cassie's tender
opening. She went for the outer lips, puffy with lust, lapping slowly
and steadily, from the bottom near Cassie's tight hot little asshole
right up to the top where the lips joined and sheltered the, sensitive
pearl of her clit.

The little hood over Cassie's clit was pulled back. The clit peeked out.
Lo knew she'd do a tattoo on the clit and she knew it would drive Cassie
right out of her skull. But she was saving her best for last.

After a while, she stopped lapping and thrust her tongue as deeply as
she could into the deep fuck hole. Cassie's cunt lips spread around Lo's
mouth, covering the lower half of her face. She humped at the
penetrating tongue, digging her heels into the bed and thrusting,
thrusting, thrusting, trying to get more and more of her lover's tongue
deep into her dripping pussy.

" it," she cried. "Oh shit, I've never
felt anything so good."

Lo tried to keep her tongue on target but it wasn't easy to control the
writhing movement of her delicious friend. Finally, Lo thrust her nose
into the little tuft of pubic hair on Cassie's mound. Her tongue lay
directly over Cassie's throbbing clit and began to lick it.

"Omigod...Omigod...Omigod. Oh yes, darling. Right there...right
there...Don't stop for anything. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh. Ungh. I've...never
...never ...ever my entire life."

Lo said nothing. She continued to flick her tongue tip at the hardened
node. She pressed the hood of Cassie's clit back to expose the entire
pea-sized organ. When it was fully exposed, Lo sucked it hetween her
lips. It was as if the clit had become a tiny prick that fucked her

Cassie was speechless at last. Lo raised her eyes and could make out the
contorted features of her blonde lover. Her mouth was wide open as she
tried to fill her lungs with air. A faint mewling sound came out, a
wordless cry of ineffable pleasure. Lo knew she was coming. She kept the
pressure applied to Cassie's cunt and Cassie began to thrash wildly. She
was out of control when her orgasm hit and she let out a long keening

"Aaaaiiiieeeeiiii-i-i-i-i-i...." Her body spasmed. She was rocked by
wave after wave of pleasure. Another spasm struck. She began to cry,
"oh...oooho...oh..." and coo. Lo raised her head from Cassie's crotch
and looked at her new friend.

"Wow," she said to herself. "That was really major."

Cassie finally opened her eyes. She looked down at Lo from under heavy
lids, took a deep breath, and said, "Don't ever leave me. I need you so

Lo scrambled up and lay alongside of her. She put her arms around Cassie
and kissed her on the eyebrows, on her lips, on her ears. Little peck
kisses all over her face.

"Oh, Lo," she said at last. "Fantastic. Do you want me to do you?"


Lo rose and went to the fridge.

"Ready for that coke now? I know I am."

She fixed a drink for both of them and got back in bed. They lay' side
by side and savored the moment of passion spent. Neither spoke. They
sipped their Cokes and their thoughts wandered - dreamily. Lo spread her
legs and thrust two fingers into her pussy.

"God, I'm a regular swamp down here," she said. "I know some girls who
think a date is a failure if they throw their panties at the wall and
they don't stick. Want to know something? I almost got off myself when I
was eating you. Without even touching myself. I was thinking of whacking
off when I was doing you but I didn't want to break my concentration.
Anyhow, it was great watching you come. I don't have to ask you if it
was good."

Cassie sipped her Coke and listened to the air conditioner. She enjoyed
the swooney after-climax feelings. She felt she could lie there forever
in that floaty condition.

"Um-m-m-m. Boy, what a trip. I feel like I've been out around Saturn and
back. I can't remember getting up this morning. I don't remember
breakfast or what I did all day. Who'd have thought this would happen to
me today. What day is it? I want to remember it for the rest of my

Lo smiled fondly at her.

"I know ....I know ."

Cassie rolled over toward her. Her' face was just above Lo's perky
little breasts. Cassie took one in her mouth and teased the nipple into
a rigid peak. She lapped and sucked on it as Lo cooed her pleasure. Lo
put her hand in Cassie's crotch. She separated the lips with her
fingers. Cassie spread her legs once more as she continued to suck Lo's
rigid nipple. Lo's finger dipped beneath Cassie's cunt and went for her
asshole. She went into the tight hole up to the first knuckle. Cassie
flexed her sphincter and nipped at Lo's finger.

She released Lo's nipple and murmured, "Goofy. What's your finger

"Goofy, yourself. I'm finger-fucking your asshole. And I got some other
things I'm gonna try."

Cassie looked straight into Lo's eyes.

"Serious," she said. "What would you like to do?"

"Serious? Well, I'd like us to rub our cunts together."

"How do you mean?"

Lo held up her hand with her forefinger and middle finger spread in a
"V". Then she did the same thing with the other hand and joined the
crotches of the "V's". She rubbed the crotches together.

"Think we could do this with our legs and rub our crotches together?"

"Oh, shit, that's a cool idea. Let's try it."

They scrambled into position and made a perfect fit. Both girls were
dripping from their cunts. Both crotches were slimy with their
lubrication and they slid against each other like well-oiled machine
parts. Back and forth...back and forth. Their clits were engaged and the
feelings they produced were exquisite. They rubbed and slid and put
their muscular little legs into the effort. Both girls leaned back on
their hands and their lower bodies writhed and pressed and slid in a
liquid motion that soon had them gasping.

It was impossible for them to embrace in this position. But they were
able to convey their passion and their arousal by looking in each others
faces. They huffed. They groaned. Crotch to crotch, they slid back and
forth against each other. They gritted their teeth. They slammed their
clits together. Lo knew she was going to come in a hurry. So did Cassie.

As Lo's feelings came to a boil, she looked in Cassie's eyes and
screamed, "Fucking cunt. Give it to me. You bitch. You little whore.
Give me your cunt, you smelly bitch...."

Lo's outburst took Cassie. by surprise. It was mad...mad...mad. But it
was a tremendous turn-on for the little blonde. Her crotch slid back and
forth with more intensity. Faster and faster. They were almost there.
They thrust harder, slamming their crotches together.

"Oh...oh...cunt...bitch. Slut-t-t-t."

"Asshole fucker. Cock-sucker. Smelly slit...Fucking cunt," Cassie

"OOO-o-o-o-o. Arhg. Eee-e-e-e-e. Ei--ii-i-io-o-o-o."

They came together in a mad grappling of arms and legs, hunching and
humping in a spastic energy that came from never wanting to stop. Both
girls gasped for air and for control of themselves. It was a moment that
neither had ever experienced before. They were shaken by it. Bombed.
Unnerved. They had glimpsed their animal nature for a brief second
without expecting it and without knowing how to handle it.

As they lay back and tried to collect their thoughts, a key turned in
the front door of the Sleepy Valley motel room. The door opened. It was


Tracy got a lift from her high school chums to her family's house on
Hyacinth Lane. The boys in the old jalopy tried joking with her, but she
was in no mood for it. She was very much into her own thoughts.

"S'long guys and thanks," she called as she walked up the flagstone path
to the door of the big white house with the green shutters. She shouted
hello to her mother and bounced up the stairs to her room.

"All this talk about sex has started to get to me," Tracy said to
herself. "Darn it all, it seems to be taking over my life. But I'm no
different from the other girls. I guess it's just part of growing up. I
wonder if Lo had the same preoccupation with her body before she and Hum
began to fuck. I'll have to ask her."

Tracy began to change from her school clothes into her knockabouts. She
pulled a shirt and jeans from her closet but, before putting them on,
she considered her budding figure in the full length mirror on the
closet door.

"I'm not as big as Jessica but I've a darn good figure anyway," she said
to herself. She unclasped her bra and played with her nipples. They
stiffened right away and she turned to look at them in profile. They
poked right out there. Not a bit of droop. She jumped up and down to
consider the jiggle factor. Not much doing. "Darn it." Then she . rolled
her cotton panties down, just far enough to expose the frizzy tufted
mound. With her index fingers, she spread her little love lips.

"It gets so wet, darn it all. It's all that talk about sex that does it
to me. I just can't help it."

She looked closer at her spread lips. The goo made the lips all sticky
and her clit was absolutely coated with it. With her index finger, she
rubbed the little protuberance.

"Golly, that feels good."

Impulsively, Tracy sat on the floor and spread her legs. She leaned back
on one arm and her other hand went to explore her sex. She rubbed the
hood of her little clit with one finger. She didn't touch the clit
itself; that was too sensitive. Faster and faster her finger fretted at
the bud of her clit. It reddened and swelled as she frigged it.

She thought about Hum and Lo. She thought about Lo sucking on Hum's
cock. She imagined the thick cock going into Lo's mouth. She thought the
next door neighbor, Charlie Robbins. She wondered if Mrs. Robbins sucked
Charlie's cock.

Her fantasy expanded. She thought of herself with a cock in her mouth.
Her finger was moving so fast on her clit that the motion appeared
blurred in the mirror. Faster and faster. Then, her feelings peaked. Her
body shuddered with the pleasure of her climax.

As soon as it was over, she matter-of-factly put on her clothes and went
downstairs to see if her mother wanted her to do any errands. If she
went outside and hung around, she might get a chance to see Charlie
Robbins when he came home from work. Darn it, it was time she got
Charlie to make his move on her.

When Charlie guided his little Japanese gas-saver into his drive way
that evening. he had no idea he was entering a tender trap. And when
Tracy waved and skipped across the lawn that separated their two houses.
he had no hint of the fact that he was being set up.

"Hi, Mr. Robbins," she trilled.

"Hi, Trace, what's shakin'?"

Charlie noticed that her blouse was open three buttons down from the
collar. For the past three years, he had watched Tracy blossom into late
girlhood. Charlie tried to be casual about it but it wasn't easy for him
to keep his hands off Tracy. The ever-present Mrs. Robbins was a big
help. But Tracy was no help at all. She was a tease and all of Charlie s
sensors went on full alert whenever she was around. Like now. With her
meeting him on his driveway.

"Listen." she said. "I have to look up some stuff in your encyclopedia
for Geography. Would that be okay? What would be a good time for you?"

Charlie screwed up his face to indicate deep thought.

"Can't be tonight." he said. "How about tomorrow morning? Come by around
ten-thirty okay?"

Charlie had quickly established in his mind that the next day was
Saturday and that Millie would be visiting her mother over in West
Pisky. She'd be leaving at around ten a.m. and not returning for at
least three hours. Hot damn. The little tease from next door didn't know
it but she was walking into a trap.

"Okay. Ten thirty then."

Promptly at ten-thirty the following morning, Tracy rang Robbins' front
door bell. Her arms were full of school books to make a nice show of
scholarship. This was not the first time Tracy had used the Robbins'
library and when Charlie opened the door, she knew just where to go.
Charlie kept Britannica in his bedroom, handily alongside of kingsized

Tracy eased her cute bottom onto the soft innerspring and Charlie sat
alongside at her left.

"Okay, what are we into?" Charlie asked.

"Geography," Tracy said. "Miss Flintson gave us a bunch of map
coordinates and we have to look up where on Earth they are. Listen, I
hope this isn't putting you out or anything. If I'm in the way, just say

"Naw, not a bit of it. Didn't have a thing to do this morning. I guess
we'll need the big atlas for your project."

Charlie took it from the bookcase and opened it across both of their

"Let's see that list of coordinates," said helpful Charlie.

He took the list from her hand and laid back on the bed. He immediately
saw that she had screwed up the assignment. Miss Flintson had given a
list of places and the students were to fill in the coordinates. He
explained this to Tracy who plain didn't give a shit about the
assignment but listened anyway.

"Bonn. That's West Germany," said knowledgeable Charlie, reading from
the top.

"Uh-huh," said Tracy who began to page the atlas. She began turning the
pages with her left hand. As her hand went from right to left, her
knuckles grazed the front of Charlie's pants. Lying back in relaxed
fashion, he enjoyed the sensation. His cock tingled and he could feel
the blood racing to his crotch.

Tracy had a interesting technique in getting to West Germany. Instead of
going directly to Bonn, she turned one page at a time. By the time she
reached Canada, Charlie had a specific hard-on, --not a big throbber but
a definite bulge. Onward went the search for Bonn. Onward went Tracy's
knuckles grazing the front of Charlie's double-knit trousers.

By the time Tracy reached Japan, Charlie was entering a euphoric state.
Whatever plans he had for the morning did not anticipate what was
actually taking place. And he didn't mind at all.

Charlie reached up and put his hand on her shoulder. She turned and
smiled and then went back to paging through the atlas. He ran his hand
down her back and felt her bra straps through her thin cotton blouse. He
put his hand on her hip and stroked it lightly. She kept turning pages.

He began to anticipate when her hand would graze the front of his pants.
As she did, he thrust up slightly, meeting her touch with a little
motion of his own. Atlas-wise, they were in Mongolia and moving slowly
ahead. Charlie continued stroking Tracy's hip. With his other hand, he
reached down and rubbed his bloating cock through his trousers.

"I love it when you touch me here," he said. "Do it more."

There was no longer any reason to pretend that her touch was accidental.
He took her little hand in his and placed it over his swollen prick. He
pressed her hand down against it and rubbed it up and down.

"That's it, he moaned. "That's it." He took his hand from hers and she
continued to rub.

"Yes...yes," he moaned She studied his crotch, fascinated by hard lump
that seemed to bulge and grow. He continued to stroke her hip and the
feeling of her body under his touch excited him more and more. His cock
was now so hard that she could see the definite shape of it through his
trousers. She was able to wrap her fingers around it and squeeze the

"Am I doing it right," she wanted to know.

"Oh, yes...yes. That's great. Just don't stop."

"I won't." He began to stroke her back. Under the sheer blouse, he could
feel the straps , of her bra. His hand moved up to the nape of her neck.
He stroked her neck under the fall of her black, shiny hair.

She liked him doing that.

"Um-m-m-m-m," she murmured. She grasped harder at his cockshaft.



"Pull down my zipper ."

"Okay." He felt her fumbling at the top of his fly. He stroked her back
some more, his hand moving across her thin shoulders and down the boney
ridge of her spine. Then he heard the rasp of the zipper and his fly was
wide open. The bloat of his penis wrapped in his snow white shorts
thrust through the opening. Her little fingers found the shaft once more
and she resumed her rubbing motion. Up and down. Up and down. Her little
hand rubbed his cock through the cotton shorts.

His hand went down and stilled hers. He reached his fingers through the
fly opening and tried to pull the prick through. He had trouble. His
cock was now so large and hard that he couldn't pull it through. He gave
up the effort and simply tore the crotch of his shorts aside. Both his
cock and balls were fully revealed to the girl's eager gaze.

Her eyes widened. His cock thrust up a full eight inches and stood
throbbing before her fascinated eyes. She made a little mewling sound
and her trembling hand reached out to enclose it. Her fingertips lightly
touched the purple shaft. Her hand went up and down and her fingers
traced the swollen veins. He sucked in his breath. The throbbing
increased and he began a little fucking motion under her featherweight
touch. His cock thrust up and down at her flicking fingers.

"Grab it harder and move the skin back and forth," he urged.

"Like this?"

"Yeah. Hold it a little tighter. That's it."

"It's so big."

"Uh-huh. You made it that way, honey. Do it a little harder."

"I made it that way?"

"You got me so excited. Oh god, that feels good."

"I like doing this."

He knew "this" wasn't going to be enough. He wanted to undress her. He
wanted to kiss her body allover . He wanted to kiss her cunt and crush
his mouth against the pillowed softness of its puffy lips. He wanted to
suck on her budding breasts. He wanted to rub the head of his cock
against her sticky cunt lips and then press the thick shaft between the
tender lips of her untried hole.

Her hand didn't stop. Once she got the hang of pulling the cock skin
back and forth, she set up a rhythm. It was almost like second nature to
her. He moaned his pleasure and he continued to thrust his hips and fuck
at her moving hand. This was fantasy fulfilled for Charlie.

"Have you been having monthly periods," he asked.

She nodded. "I began two months ago."

"I guess you're interested in sex then."

"I've been interested in sex for a long time but this is the first time
I've done anything about it."

"You seem to like this."

"Sure." She looked down at the cock in her hand and gave it a gentle
squeeze. He pulled her blouse from the back of her skirt and ran his
hand under it, stroking her bare skin. She quivered with pleasure. His
hand went around and up the front of her blouse. He tweaked her breast
through her bra. Her breasts were a little larger than eggs but smaller
than apples.

He fumbled open the catch on the back of her bra. Her hand jerked harder
on his cock. He massaged her bare nipple between his thumb and finger.

"I like when you do that."

"I know," he said. "Stand up but don't let go of my cock."

Now his hands went up the back of her short skirt. He squeezed her ass
cheeks through her cotton panties. Then he brought one hand around front
and rubbed her cunt mound. His finger felt for the cunt crack through
the double material of her pantie crotch.

She trembled. His hands roamed down the silken length of her thighs.
They lingered behind her knees and stroked the sensitive skin there. The
hand on his cock never stopped. She kept pulling on the smooth cock skin
while his hands went wherever he wanted to touch, sooth, probe or
squeeze. His hand went down the front of her panties. He slipped one
finger between her cunt lips and thrust it into her steamy drench.

"You're wet," he said.

"I know. I'm sorry ."

"No problem. That's the way it should be. I like it wet. Honest."

He slipped his sloshy finger from her slit and, with his eyes locked on
hers, put the finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

She wrinkled her nose and said, that's some kind of gross, you know it.

He pulled her toward him and placed his mouth around her rubbery nipple.
He sucked. The nipple went in and out of his mouth and he replaced his
finger in her slippery little slit. He moved the finger back and forth.
She pulled back a little.

"Don't. You'll hurt me."

"No way. I'm going to make you feel good."

She squirmed on his finger. He nuzzled her neck and drew in a deep
breath. She smelled soapy, as if just out of her shower. He licked her
neck. She trembled again. He slipped his tongue into her ear. She made a
little cry and kissed his cheek. He kissed her eyes and licked her
eyelids. His finger moved back and forth between the moist lips of her

He looked down at the little hand caressing his cock. It seemed so right
to him.

"Kneel down, Tracy." She did so and continued jerking his cock. It grew
increasingly big and thick.

"Kiss it," he said.

"Kiss it?"

"Yeah." Tracy looked skeptically at the purplish organ throbbing in her

"I dunno. Look, some stuff is coming out of the hole."

"That's okay, it's supposed to. It's lubrication...just like the juice
from your slit."

"I still don't want to kiss it."

"C'mon. You've got to be grown up about this. This is what groanies do."

"They do?"

"Sure. That's how we show affection. You don't dislike me, do you?"

"Would I be swinging on your cock, if I disliked you? My god."

He placed a hand on either side of her sweet face and pulled her toward
his veiny prick. She frowned reproachfully.

"C'mon," he coaxed.

She pouted, then puckered and gave a little peck kiss to the head of his

"There," she said.

He couldn't stand it any longer. His hands still held her face between
them. He pulled her face to his crotch and mashed his cock against her
cheeks. His balls pressed against her nose and mouth. He ground his
hairy crotch against her until she sputtered.

"Stop. Stop."

Charlie released her head and gently stroked her cheek. She pouted some
more. But her hand went back to his cock and her fingers wrapped around
it and began to stroke him off again.

"That wasn't very nice."

"I know."

"Then why did you do it?"

"Because you excite me. Look how hard my cock is. It's never been so

Tracy squeezed it again. A drop of juice formed a t the tip. She touched
it with the tip of her finger and began to spread the drop all over the
purple cock head. Charlie sucked in his breath. His cock lurched in her

"Dozzat feel good?"


"Would it feel better if I gave it another kiss?"

"Much better, Tracy."

"We-e-e-e-l-l-l, if it will make you feel better."

She had a firm grip at the base of his cock shaft. She inclined it
toward her mouth and began giving it little peck kisses allover the
slippery, shiny head.

"Yes...yes-s-s-s-s...Oh yes."

She continued kissing. Now she squashed her lips against it; she mashed
it with her mouth.

" Now open your mouth."

His voice was low and soothing. She looked up. As their eyes met, her
mouth opened and covered the head of his cock. Her lips stretched around
the pulsing knob. He could feel her tongue fluttering around it, licking
under the knob, probing the little piss slit. Her eyes held his. He
thrust the cock forward slightly. He put his hand on the back of her
neck and began a gentle back and forth movement.

"Mouth fuck," she thought. "Wait'll I tell the girls."

She continued to look into his eyes and she moved her mouth up and down
over the cock head. He thrust his shaft forward to match the movement of
her mouth. At the same time, he tweaked her stiffened nipples between
his thumb and fingers.

"I want you up here on the bed with me," he said.

She took her mouth off of his cock long enough to say, "I don't wanna. I
like sucking this silly old thing."

And in fact her technique improved with the passing moments. Her tongue
explored the ridges and contours of his now-enormous wang. She rolled
the flat of her tongue around the flaring edge of the knob. She flicked
her tongue tip at the gaping piss slit.

"Argh-h-h," he gasped. "You can still suck when you're up here on the

"I like it down here," she insisted. "But I want to show you other
things to do."

"Other things?"


"Like what? You aren't trying to trick me.?"

"No tricks. I want to show you how to sixty-nine."

"Sixty-nine? What's that?"

"That's where you lie on me, head to feet. You suck me and I can do
things to you."

"What kind of things?"

"Fun things."

"Oh-h-h well. Why do you call it sixty-nine?"

"For god's sake, Tracy. Get up here."

She scampered up onto the bed and lay on top of him.

"Not that way. Turn around. Put your head down by my prick and straddle
my face. That's right. Good. Now raise your bottom over my face. Good

Tracy began sucking him again. Her lips went up and down on his rigid
stalk as she held it erect in her little hand Charlie sighed.

His eyes drank in the sight of her pantie-clad bottom -- plump butt in
cotton knit, the slender legs, the pantie crotch caught between the
puffy cunt llps. He planted a kiss on them. He nuzzled it through her
panties, moving his face from side to side. He pressed his face deeper
into the crack and licked the panties.

"Hey. What're you doing? That feels good. Do it some more."

"Okay...okay. Just keep your mouth on my cock."

Charlie slipped one finger under the elastic of her panties and pulled
the crotch aside. He moistened his lips at the sight of the peach-fuzz
slit. The pudgy cunt lips were closed and at the top of the slit, the
little tab of her clitty foreskin poked out.

He melted at the sight of the almost hairless cunt. His heart pounded.
He had but to raise his head a few inches and stick out his tongue in
order to spear between the soft, puffy lips. He pulled the pantie crotch
aside some more to reveal her asshole.

He gasped. It was doubtless the tenderest, sweetest, most delectable
little hole he ever imagined. He wanted to kiss it, to lick it, to
tongue-fuck it. He placed his thumbs on either side of the hole and
opened it slightly. The puckered ring responded by tightening.

He stuck his tongue at it. Then he pressed his lips against the tight
little opening and thrust his tongue into it. Hungrily. Passionately.
Lustfully. She responded by wriggling her ass. His heart leaped. She
liked it! He almost swooned from the delight he felt. But he managed to
keep his mind on business and licked her hole and tried to force his
tongue deeper inside.

Tracy didn't know what to make of this latest move. She knew it felt
good. And she wasn't about to take her mouth off of his throbbing joint.
Rather, she increased the suction and quickened the head bobbing as his
tongue lapped, licked and probed her tight little bottom hole.

He pulled his head back and looked at her virgin cunny. The slit was
oozing. As he watched, a drop formed at the base of the slit and grew
larger and larger. When it was about to drop, he extended his tongue and
captured it.

By now, Charlie was on the brink. Tracy was still working on his joint
and his entire being was flooded with the sensation of sexual happy
times. He could feel the beginning of the climb toward orgasm. Without
his willing it, he began to pump into her mouth. She too was overwhelmed
by her feelings. She began a frantic jerking of the skin on his
cockshaft while she sucked harder on the blooming knob.

Totally overwhelmed, Charlie pressed his face into her swampy crack. He
inhaled the juice and fragrance. His fingers separated the cunt lips and
he lapped around the perimeter of her tender hole. There was so much he
wanted to do. He pressed his lips against her piss hole and sucked
voraciously. His tongue sought and found the hard little nubbin of her
clit. He sucked on it. She squirmed delightedly and he almost lost the
sensitive pearl. And then, paradise.

His cock lurched in her mouth and he began to gush into her throat. The
come was more than she could handle in her mouth. It oozed from between
her lips and coated his driving cock and her pumping hand and fingers.
Spurt! Spurt! SPURT!

It surprised her. She had no idea that Charlie could produce so much hot
gush. The sensation she felt overwhelmed her. It began at the core of
her sex and then spread outward in waves of delight. Out, out to her
toes and fingertips. She was shaken by the intensity of it and it ~
caused her to press her tingling cunt against his face. She raked his
face with her slit. Back and forth, back and forth, depositing her slimy
girl juice from his chin to his receding hairline. She especially liked
the tingling effect of his nose nudging her throbbing clitoris.

Snorting and blowing, Charlie tried to come up for air. Totally spent,
Tracy collapsed on top of him. She filled her lungs with air. She
gasped. She moaned. She took deeper and deeper breaths. She spat come
onto his semi-hard cock. She toyed with his cock with her tongue. It
flopped back and forth on his stomach. She buried her face in his
crotch, inhaling the musky scent of him. She ground her face into the
sticky, come-drenched crotch. She wallowed in it.

"Oh...oh...oh," she sighed. "Oh, that's great. Totally fine. Just
incredible. Uh."

She reached down behind her and pulled her panties back to where they
were before Charlie revealed her moist treasures. Not to do so offended
her sense of what was right and proper and lady-like.

Charlie felt like his plug had been pulled. His body was totally slack.
His chest rose and fell with his heavy breathing and he really didn't
care that Tracy returned her panties to cover her cunt. In fact, since
his eyes were closed, he could have been sleeping. Only the rising and
falling of his chest gave a hint of the intense feelings of a moment

Tracy stirred first. She rolled off the prone form of her oral lover.
She raised her head and propped it on one hand supported on her elbow.
She wore a dreamy expression as she surveyed limp and panting Charlie.

"Well," she sighed, "I'd give that an eight on a scale of one to ten.
Not more than I expected in some respects. Lots wetter than I thought it
would be."

She fingered her pussy through her panties. She wondered what losing her
cherry would be like. As she re-hooked her bra and looked down at
Charlie, she thought of his big cock plowing into her. He wasn't
stirring. His cock was nonscarey, a limp, pink worm of a thing.

"Charlie," she said to herself, "you never got me to West Germany but it
was still quite a trip."

She got back down on her knees and sucked his limp cock into her mouth.
He didn't react. She stood and grabbed her school books.

"Bye, Charlie," she said and kissed him on the forehead.


When Hum walked into the Sleepy Valley Motel and found Lo and Cassie
cavorting on the big double bed, he looked down on them with a big smile
on his face. Cassie tried to cover her nakedness. She placed a hand over
her crotch. Lo didn't bother. She did wonder however how Hum would feel
about girl/girl sex. She had never discussed it with him. She had never
even thought about it.

Hum took a deep breath.

"Hot pussy," he yelled. "It smells like hot pussy in here. Sheez. If we
could only bottle that smell..."

Then he jumped on the bed between the two girls and lay back and put an
arm around each of them.

"How did this happen?", he wanted to know.

"Let me explain," said serious Lo. "We hit it off right away. I felt
this incredibly strong attraction to Cassie and she felt the same way.
We didn't talk about it. We didn't have to. It was just there. I mean
for real, this is the wildest thing that's happened to me. And I think
Cassie feels the same way. Don't you, Cassie?."

Cassie nodded.

Hum pulled both girls to him and gave them a big hug.

"I can tell from the fragrance in this room that you've been
experimenting with your feelings for each other," he said. "How did it
go? How was the physical part?"


"Incredible! Lo's got a very creative approach to sex."

"You inspire me. Isn't Cassie neat, Dad. Don't you just love her."

The words were hardly out of her mouth when she got a look of great
discovery on her face.

"Oh boy," said Lo, "I've got a great idea: Let's all get it on together.
Can we daddy, please. C'mon, Cassie, help me undress him."

Hum laughed and put on a show of mild protest. But Lo already had his
belt unclinched and was pulling down his zipper. Cassie was unbuttoning
his shirt. Hum was bouncing on the bed, still protesting, but enjoying
the attention from the two girls. And he felt the beginnings of lust
between his legs. By the time Lo had worked his pants down to his ankles
a definite bulge was showing in his jockey shorts.

"Wait a minute...wait just a cottonpickin' minute, won't you, "Hum
cried. "I haven't had a chance to get acquainted with your friend, Lo.
Aren't you rushing things just a little bit."

"Hey! Aren't YOU being overly concerned, daddy dear. Unless you've
suddenly acquired a whole new set of priorities, you should be panting
after my little friend. What kind of an act are you putting on."

"No act, Lo. You've always been more forthright about sex than me. I
like to take my time at becoming acquainted."

"Okay. Let me help you get acquainted. Cassie, put your head here on the
pillow. That's right. Now, spread your legs and show dad the good

Cassie did as Lo instructed. Hum looked between her splayed legs. The
girl's cunt was a livid red and her juices flowed down to coat her
thighs and asshole. Her cunt lips were separated and her clit was a
swollen red bulb.

"Doesn't she have a pretty cunt, daddy dear. Wouldn't you like to lick
it. Put your tongue in her, you dirty old man. you know you want to."

Hum licked his lips. He kicked his trousers off of his ankles and
rubbed his cock through his shorts. He smiled at Cassie and she smiled
at him, though she was nervous because this was a totally new
experience for her. Lo lay beside her and began playing with her little
breasts, squeezing them and tweaking her pointy. little nipples. Lo
kissed her ears and inserted her tongue tip. Cassie trembled.

"Lo, I'm a virgin," she whispered to her new friend. "Will it matter to
your father? Do you think he can tell."

Lo kissed her on the lips. She inserted her pointy tongue and began to
tonguefuck Cassie's mouth. "Sh-h-h," she said when she came up for air.
"Don't worry about anything. Daddy knows what he's doing. He'll want to
fuck you for sure. But he'll do it nicely and you'll love it. And just
think, I'll get to watch. Oh honey. I'll get down between your legs and
watch his big, stiff dick open your hot little cunt and then go sawing
in and out of you until you scream with happiness."

"He's starting, Lo, my darling. What's he doing?"

The girls looked down. Hum lay on his stomach with his face between
Cassie's legs and his tongue lapped up the moisture coating her thighs.
He went from one thigh to the other and as his mouth passed her cunt
lips his tongue darted out and flicked at her clit. He had removed his
shorts and he held his long, thick cock in one hand, pulling on it and
making it ready for the plunge.

Lo watched his moving hand with a big smile on her face.

"Oh, dad, it's so big. Look, Cassie. Look how yummy it is. Wanna suck it
for a little while. I bet you do. Hum's right. You two have got to get
to know each. other a little better. Let's go down on hi. Lets give him
a little head."

Cassie and Lo scrambled around and Hum lay on his back. His cock stood
like a proud pillar, straight up from his fuzzy crotch. The girls
attacked it with their hands and mouths.

"Watch me," Lo said, taking the bulbous cockhead between her lips and
sucking noisily. Then she licked up the shaft from the balls to the
pulsating head.

"My turn," said Cassie. She was tentative but determined. She had
resolved that, in spite of her inexperience, she was going to give it
her best shot. She licked all around the head and then she pulled as
much of the cock as she could into her mouth. Her lips were stretched
obscenely around the thick shaft.

Lo placed her head beside Cassie's and both girls licked and slurped at
the throbbing stalk, taking turns at pulling it deep into their throats.

After a few minutes of this action Lo said, "Are you ready for the main
event? I can't wait a second longer. I think she's ready, daddy, and I
know you are. I can't remember ever seeing that monster cock so big and

Hum got up and knelt on the bed. His cock stuck out, pointing upward. He
moved Cassie around and spread her legs.

"Just one more suck before you stick it in her," said sentimental Lo,
inclining her head toward his crotch and catching his cock head between
her lips. Her head bobbed up and down on it three or four times. Then
she stretched out on the bed with her head near Cassie's cunt. Hum
looked down at the young girl.

"Pull your knees up to your chest and spread your legs," he instructed.
Lo grinned and placed her fingers on either side of the girl's cunt
lips. She spread them and licked her lips when she saw the pink tissues
pull apart invitingly. Cassie's juice made a tiny rivulet down to the
puckered tightness of her asshole.

Hum took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head against the moist
opening. Up and down, he stroked it. Then he lay the shank of his cock
in the pretty slit, like a sausage in a roll and moved it back and
forth. Cassie looked up at him with some anxiety in her expression. Her
heart was pounding and she hoped he wouldn't notice. But she enjoyed the
feeling of his cock slithering along the length of her slit and she
could hardly wait for his next move.

"Put your finger in my mouth," Hum said and moved his cock head to the
tiny opening of her fuck hole. When her finger was in his mouth he bit
it hard. It was completely unexpected and Cassie cried out.

Biting her finger was a diversion. Hum had, at the same time, thrust his
cock at the untried fuck hole. He sank into it half way, rupturing her
yielding cherry along the way. Without hardly realizing it, Cassie lost
her precious virginity. Hum sank all the way in up to his balls almost
and then lay quietly.

"How does it feel," he asked.

"Oh, you're filling me up," Cassie gasped.

"Does it hurt?"

"Just a little bit."

Hum moved his cock an inch forward and an inch backward. Then he
repeated it.

"How does that feel?"

"It hurts a little bit. Do it again."

Hum complied and lengthened stroke a little bit.

"Um-m-m-m, do it again. Yes, yes-s-s, um yes-s-s-s-s-s. Okay, yeah. Um-
m-m-m. A little more now. Uh-huh. More, yeah, more. More, MORE! Ah-h-h.
Harder now! Yeah, harder, don't worry about hurting me. Harder, do it
harder! That's right. Oh yeah, yeah....yeah....yeah....yeah!"

Hum was giving her a full stroke now. His thick plunger dug deeper and
deeper into the little girl's pussy. And Cassie wrapped her legs around
his waist and pulled herself toward him every time he stroked into her.
Her jaw was slack and her mouth half open, she huffed and huffed as the
huge piston moved in and out of her. She had a look of disbelief on her
face and her eyes glazed over.

Curious Lo lay on her stomach as close to the action as she could get.
This was a "first" for her. She had never seen Hum's cock in action,
though she had felt that monster deep in her own body many times. She
was fascinated by what she was watching and she didn't fail to note the
streaks of blood that mixed with Cassie's juice and coated Hum's mighty
shaft...pounding, pounding, pounding into the tight sleeve of Cassie's

Mischievous Lo didn't want to interrupt the action in any way. She did
want to insert her finger into Cassie's asshole, so ripe, red and
slippery. But she decided to refrain until it became apparent that
Cassie was going to climax.

On the "in" stroke, Hum's cock pushed the tight ring of Cassie's cunt
inside her. The "out" stroke brought a load of her juices out of the
deep fuck hole. The entire area around her cunt and asshole was sloshy
with lubrication and blood.

Now, Hum picked up the speed of the stroking, pounding harder and
harder. Every time he went in, Cassie grunted and her grunts were
becoming more frequent. Lo placed the tip of her index finger on
Cassie's asshole and moved it around and around in a circle. She also
lightly scratched the puckered ring, not enough to hurt and just enough
to stimulate.

Cassie began to chant "Oh...oh...oh..." When the chant became louder and
the oh's closer together, Lo knew that Cassie's climax was imminent. She
playfully dabbed at the young girl's ass hole. She pressed her fingertip
into the tight hole without any difficulty. When she was in up to the
knuckle, she started to move it back and forth to the time of Hum's
mighty stroke. Cassie was taking it in both holes! And she loved it! She
began to cry out. So did Hum. He chanted "Yeah...yeah...yeah."

Suddenly, the climax was upon them. The cries became a duet to lust. Hum
pulled out. His come splashed all over her cunt and belly, squirt after
squirt after squirt. Big gobs of it splashed all over Lo's hand. Her
finger continued to plunge into Cassie's asshole and Cassie squirmed and
bucked. Finally, Cassie went limp. A shudder went through her body. Her
legs relaxed and dropped from around Hum's waist. Both were totally

Hum rolled off of Cassie and Lo scrambled to the head of the bed and
embraced her new friend. She kissed and kissed her, on the lips, on the
eyes, on the ears. Cassie simply lay back with a big grin on her face.

"So good," she moaned.

"Did you like it when I played with your asshole?"

"Oh yeah. That's what pushed me over the edge. That was really

"Want to eat my pussy?"

"Oh, Lo, I'd. love to -- but I'm really exhausted. Omigod, what time is
it? I should have been home an hour ago."

Hum offered to drive her and the three threw on their clothes and left
the Sleepy Valley Motel. The pussy fragrance that lay so heavily in the
air had become even more pungent. Before he left the motel room, Hum
filled his lungs with it one more time.


That evening, Lo and Hum sat in front of the TV watching a game show.
On the big color screen, they watched the fat blonde housewife pick the
letters that spelled BL **D SW*** *ND ****S on the glitzy display board.
She spun the wheel and it stopped on $750. Then studio audience stomped
and whistled.

"Can I have a T, Pat, please?"

"Yes, there are two T's for fifteen hundred dollars," the quiz master
exulted. His pretty blonde assistant turned the blank panels that added
two T's on the . display board. The fat blonde housewife clapped her
hands. The display board now read BL **D SW**T *ND T***RS.

"Blood Sweat and Tears," Lo said.

"Want some Fritos, dad?"

She bounced from the loveseat and headed for the tiny kitchenette. Hum
followed her with his eyes. She was wearing her cut-off jeans, beat up
and fringey looking, and cut so short that the globes of her cute bottom
were partially showing.

The seam in back cut deeply into her ass crack. She paused and pulled
the jeans from between her pussy lips. The gesture was not lost on Hum.
It caused his heart to swell in his breast and he had to catch his
breath as he regarded his lovely little Lo with strong yearning.

"Make me a gin and tonic while you're up, honey."


The fat blonde housewife said, "I'11 spin again, Pat." And she did,
landing on the one-thousand dollar space. She jumped up and down. The
studio audience hooted and shouted.

"Can I have an 'F', Pat, please?"

"Oh-h-h, I'm sorry. There's no 'F'. Bruce?"

"I'll spin, Pat," said the next contestant, a mousey-looking salesman of
dental supplies. The wheel stopped on two hundred-fifty dollars.

"Can I have a 'G' Pat, please," said Bruce.

"Oh, I'm sorry. There's no 'G'. Denise?"

Bruce looked crestfallen. The host's blonde assistant snapped her
fingers in an aw-shucks gesture.

Denise, the third contestant, leaned , over the wheel and gave it a
spin. The wheel stopped on "Lose a turn." Lo returned to the loveseat
with a coke, a gin and tonic, and a bag of Fritos.

"Anyone get it yet?"




Lo plunked herself down on the loveseat. Hum took his gin and tonic and
placed his other hand on the inside of Lo's thigh. He stroked her thigh
from crotch to knee. Lo spread her thighs wider, an invitation to stroke
her mound.

The play had returned to the fat blonde housewife.

"I'll spin, Pat." She landed on five-hundred dollars. She had a shit-
eating grin on her face.

"Is there an 'R " Pat?"

"There is one 'R'," he said, as his ditsy assistant turned it over on
the big display board. The board now read - BL **D, SW**T *ND T**RS. A
buzzer, buzzed.

"--and all the rest are vowels. Can you tell us--what is this famous
title?" The blonde stared at the board with a blank look.

"Five seconds," the quizmaster warned. The buzzer buzzed again.

"Bruce, can you solve the puzzle?" Bruce looked blankly at the board.
The buzzer buzzed again.

"Denise?" Denise stared at the board.

"I want to solve the puzzle, Pat," she said.

"Tell us. What is this phrase?" Denise swallowed hard. "Blood, Sweat and
Tears," she said evenly. Pandemonium. Bells rang. The audience cheered.
The quiz board lit up.

"Six thousand, five hundred dollars," the quizmaster cried. "Let's spend
that in the game room."

Denise surveyed the prize display.

"Okay," she said. "For four thousand dollars, I'd like the Carnival
Weekend in Philadelphia, Pat."

Hum squeezed Lo's thigh. She snuggled up to him.

"Like a carnival weekend in Philly, sweetheart?"

"I'm already having a carnival weekend in Pisky, Dad. Isn't that Cassie
a blast? She's really super. Did you like doing it to her, you revolting
beast? Her pussy looked really tight. I'm surprised you could get into
her as easily as you did."

Lo reflected for a time on what she had seen during Cassie's
initiation...the incredible size of Hum's cock...Cassie's
excitement...the smell of her pussy...the outpouring of semen that
seemed like it would never end...the sight of her finger penetrating
Cassie's bottom hole.

Then she began thinking of an oversized T-shirt with bold graphic
designs. A lot of the girls were wearing them and Lo had been positively
lusting after one in her special favorite color--purple. When she
broached the subject, Hum said "How much?" When she said thirty-eight
dollars, he said no. She hadn't broached the subject again.

Tenacious Lo hadn't forgotten the T-shirt, however. It was foremost in
her mind at the present moment. "Daddy?"


"Remember that kinky thing you wanted me to do for you last week and I
said no?"


"Well, do you still want me to do it?"

"Of course. What's the matter? Did you change your mind?"

"I still think it's pretty kinky. I mean it is downright kinky, you

"Lo, let's not get abusive about it. What is one person's kink is
another person's salvation...or Nirvana...or paradise...or what have
you. This is what life is all about. Variations. We'd be in an awfully
dull state of affairs if we all saw exactly eye-to-eye on sex, on
politics, on business, on art, on beauty, on every aspect of human
experience. Don't knock variety."

"I know all that, for God's sake. You don't have to spout a lot of two-
bit philosophy. I still say it's a little weird for you to want me to
pee on your cock. I mean, I'm really hip to variety of sexual expression
and all that but, if--I say, IF--I do it, that doesn't make you Mr.
Wonderful in my eyes. I'm not going to do it and go WOW, isn't this
great, look at Dad's wet cock."

"What ARE you driving at, Lo? You introduced the subject. Why? I suppose
I'll find out in Lo's own good time. But wouldn't it be better for you
to get to the point."

"The point is, I want that T-shirt I spoke to you about last week. If
you buy it for me, I'II pee on your filthy, stiffened cock. How about

"I seem to recall something about thirty-eight dollars. Right? Did I get
the numbers straight in my head? I did? I thought I had. And I still
think thirty eight bucks is pretty high for a lousy T-shirt."

"You know absolutely nothing about fashion, Hum. Wanna know something?
There's a blank in your mind where style is concerned. You don't know
anything about it. Zero. Nothing. Nada. And I'll tell you something
else, Daddy dear. When you reach for me in the morning and expect me to
spread my legs for you, it's going to be a rude awakening for Mr.
Humbert. And don't you forget it. And don't go waving that big thing
under my nose and expect any sympathy from me. And don't expect any
action either. There ain't gonna be any."

Sulky Lo stuck out her lower lip. Hum took a deep breath and let out a
sigh. He had to admit that there was a certain compelling logic to Lo's
position. But most importantly, his brain sent a message to his cock. It
began to tingle. He began thinking of Lo sitting on the john with her
legs widespread. He could imagine the little tuft of blonde pubic
hair...the pink slit with the lips opened...the inner lips a raw gash.
It was one of his favorite fantasies.

"Well--," he began.

"You WILL," said boisterous Lo, dropping her sulk and bouncing on the
loveseat. "Oh Hum, you're so good to me." Hum shrugged.

The number thirty-eight popped into his mind. He shrugged again. Lo
kissed him on the neck. She kissed his ear. She poked her tongue in his
ear. A thrill surged through his cock.

"Okay," he said, "let's go to the bathroom."

She rose and stood in front of him between his widespread knees. He put
his hands on her ass and squeezed the cheeks through her raunchy cut-
offs. She smiled and thrust her pelvis forward at his face.

His hands went up under her fringey cut-offs and felt her ass cheeks
through her panties. Then his hands went under the elastic of her
panties and felt around her bare ass. He nuzzled her breasts through her
striped top. His lips searched out her hardening nipples. They weren't
hard to find. They jutted forward like a pair of jelly beans and he
sucked them between his lips and nibbled at them lightly with his teeth.

Lo felt his excitement transferred to her. Again, he squeezed her ass
cheeks and she felt them separate. Her ass hole stretched. She placed
her hands on his shoulders.

"Wanna take off my shorts?"


"Right here."


Hum took his hands from her bare ass and unbuttoned the shorts. They
dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Hum leaned forward
and stuck his tongue in her navel. Then he nuzzled her crotch and kissed
her mound. She thrust her mound forward. Through the cotton panties, he
felt the scratchy, brillo-like texture of her little tuft of public
hair. He moved his face from side to side, nuzzling her some more. He
gave her ass a friendly pat.

"Let's go to the john," he said in a gruff voice slightly tinged by
lust. Lo's panties fell to her ankles and she sat on the john seat and
spread her legs. Hum knelt between them and dropped his pants and
shorts. His cock , sprang up and vibrated.

"Gee!" said Lo, with awe in her voice.

It was truly an impressive hard-on. Hum jacked on it a couple of times.
He held it at the base and waggled it at her spread cunt lips. Lo
swallowed hard and stared at it. The memory of that huge tool sawing in
and out of Cassie's hot cunt was still with her. She spread her legs
farther and leaned back against the toilet tank.

The lips of her cunt yawned at the throbbing cockhead. Her hardening
clit poked from underneath its foreskin and seemed to strain toward him.
Hum's hands went to her thighs and stroked them from knee to pussy.

Lo reached down and grasped his thick cock stalk between her thumb and
forefinger. She touched him lightly and moved her digits back and forth
along his stalk. Hum moaned. Lo's lips twisted into an odd smile. She
had him by the balls literally and figuratively. She placed the bulbous
cock head directly on her drippy little opening.

"Yeah....yeah," said Hum.

He happened to glance up and, from the corner of his eye, caught the
scene reflected in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom
door. He turned and looked at them. His pants and shorts had fallen to
his knees and his ass was bared. Lo's long, slender ballerina legs
spread wide for him. Her hand between his legs delicately holding the
mighty shaft. It was a picture to have and cherish.

Hum's face was a mask of lust. He looked at Lo from under half-closed
eyelids and his breathing became shallow.

"Can you pee," he huffed.

Lo's breathing was also shallow. She was starting to get worked up in
spite of herself and she was losing a bit of her cool demeanor .

"I think so."

"Okay. Go ahead. Don't worry about wetting on my pants. Just let it go.
Any time you're ready."

Lo concentrated. She strained. She bit her lower lip. Her brow wrinkled
from the effort. Hum concentrated too. His eyes bugged at the moist, red
slit and the tiny piss hole. He held his throbbing joint at the base.
The skin along the shaft was pulled tight. His excitement was so great
that he felt he would shoot a massive bolt of come onto Lo's cunt lips'
with the first spurt from her piss hole. She touched his cock head and
rolled it between her fingers.

"Come on...come on," Hum urged.

"I'm trying."

"Try harder ."

"I thought I had to go but now I don't know."

"For chrissake, Lo."

"I'm trying, Daddy. I really am."

She bit harder on her lower lip. "Oh-h-h-h," she sighed.

"Try to relax."

"I am. I think. I'm just too nervous."

Hum was anything but relaxed. His tension grew. He was in a state of
intense excitement. He felt that his orgasm would boil out of his cock
at any second. Lo looked down. She strained again. She saw a drop of
milky liquid form at the tip of Hum's cock. She lightly pulled at the
shaft. The drop grew larger and dropped from his piss slit into the
toilet bowl.

"Try thinking thirty-eight dollar T-shirt."

"Don't speak...don't speak. You'll spoil my concentration."

Hum reached over to the wash bowl next to the commode and turned on the
cold water tap. The sound of running water reached Lo's ears. She closed
her eyes. A tiny spurt of piss came out of her little hole and landed on
Hum's cock.

Not more than a tablespoon full. Hum gasped. He felt ready to come. Lo's
face was wreathed in a big smile. Her eyes were still closed but her
floodgates opened and the piss gushed out all over Hum's cock, his
balls, his thighs, his shorts and trousers.

Hum reached his summit. With aloud , cry from Hum, the cock belched
forth hot strings of come allover Lo's stomach, her pubic mound and her
thighs. She looked down with wonder in her eyes and a big smile on her
face. She wrapped her fingers around Hum's joint and jacked on it until
it stopped erupting.

"Way to go, Dad, way to go. That was beautiful."

Hum's face was a perfect picture of relaxed joy. He couldn't help
smiling himself. He couldn't remember when he'd felt such total release.
He stood and gave his shrinking cock a couple of shakes. Lo, still
seated, leaned forward and sucked his limp member into her mouth. As she
rolled it around on her tongue, she thought of whether she would rather
have the purple T -shirt or blue. Maybe orange?

Hum's drooling cock slipped from her mouth.

"Do you like me better in purple or blue," asked style-conscious Lo.

"Huh," said tired old Hum, stripping off his piss-drenched shorts and

"Never mind," said Lo. "Would you like me to freshen up your gin and


"Humbert, you know what you should put in that book you're writing?"

"What do you have in mind, Sheriff?"

"You oughta have a chapter on strip searching."

"Strip-searching? Really?"

"Damn straight. Most folks got the wrong idea about it. Most folks think
law enforcement officers are just trying to cop a cheap feel -- you
know, slipping a finger into a tight pussy for the fun of it. Nothin'
could be further from the truth. Strip-searchin's important. It's a law
enforcement tool just like lie detection or finger-printing."

"It's more than copping a feel. Perpetrators can hide all kinds of stuff
in their body cavities. Have you got any idea of how much cocaine will
fit in your average pussy?"

Hum shook his head.

"Would you believe up to fifty thousand dollars worth? We're talking
street value now. Yes sir. Without even cramming."

"Really, Sheriff, I had no idea."

Hum and Sheriff Roche were strolling down Main Street looking for random
criminal activity. It was a fine afternoon in Pisky, cool and sunny and
the air was sweet indeed. It was a Saturday for loafing and the
citizenry moved slowly, window shopping, poking around the court house,
plain doing nothing. The most anyone felt like doing was watching the
idle parade of girls in their summer dresses.

Hum was getting used to the star on his shirt, losing his self-
consciousness about it. In fact, he enjoyed the little bit of celebrity
he fancied the star gave him. Before pinning it on this morning, he
polished it with tooth powder. If he and Lo hung out for another week in
Pisky, he'd buy some nickel polish and do a first-class professional job
of it. It wouldn't do for a deputy to be less than gleaming.

"Strip-searching is routine with us; we strip-search every perpetrator
we pull in. Suppose we pull in a girl for speeding, let's say. If she's
a drug user, she ain't gonna be wantin' to be busted for holding a gram
of coke. That's a heavy bust and could cost her doing hard time. So she
shoves her stash up her twat. If we catch her at it, we help prevent the
spread of drug use which is destroying the moral fibre of the country
and leaving it weak and vulnerable to the spread of godless communism."

Roachy fixed Hum in a no nonsense stare, his hard look.

"Searching body cavities is a lousy job but .........."

"Somebody's got to do it, eh Sheriff."

"How'd you know I was going to say that?"

"Lucky guess, Sheriff ."

"How long do you expect it will take you to write your book?"

"Couple of months."

The Sheriff went deep in thought. He had never rubbed elbows with a
writer fellow who taught college as well. He was slightly awed. And the
thought of being quoted in a book by someone like Hum was almost too
good to be true. This might be his a venue to recognition. Maybe
national recognition.

The more Roachy thought about it, the bigger his fantasy of national
recognition grew. It took on mythic dimensions. He imagined himself
being quoted on the proper technique for professional strip-searching.

He imagined that police departments all over the country would need the
benefit of his wisdom. His name would come easily to mind whenever and
wherever strip-searching was mentioned. Maybe even -- dare he think it
-- he might get an invitation to appear on a TV talk Show to dispense
his wisdom and knowledge to the broadest possible audience of all. The
Billy Gerson Show? Was he setting his sights too high, he wondered.

He could paint the scene on the giant, canvas of his imagination. Vivid.
Clear. He could hear the Gerson Show theme music filling his mind. And
Heeeer-r-r-rr-r's Billy. The monologue. The star announcing his special
guests for the evening.

". . . Shecky Green. And then we have a surprise guest. A law
enforcement officer from Pisky, Iowa, Who's an expert on strip-searching
(audience: "000oo-o-o-o.") His name is Vernon Row-shay, Sheriff Vernon
Row-shay. So stay tuned." Exit music. Golf swing. Switch to a commercial

Hum was saying, "I never knew strip-searching was routine. Is it done
routinely on a national basis or is it left to the discretion of various
local jurisdictions?"

"Local jurisdictions mostly. It's routine with us because we get a lot
of mileage out of it, Humbert. But still most folks don't appreciate

"Why is that?"

"Lemme give you an illustration. About two years ago, I had to strip-
search a group of girls in the senior class. There was maybe twenty of
them. Well, you shoulda heard the ruckus people made. There was even
editorials about it in the Pisky Post. Went on for quite a time. I got a
file of newspaper clippings back in the office. Ask me to show them to
you. Might help you with writing that chapter."

"What was the reason for the strip-search, to begin with? Do you

"Oh sure, Like it was yesterday. Y'see, one of the girls was given a new
watch for her eighteenth birthday and she thought it was stolen. We were
called in and we told the students that, whoever stole the watch better
turn it in. No questions asked, we told them, so long as we got the
watch. And we told them we was goin' to strip-search all them, if the
watch didn't turn up. Well, we didn't get the watch.

"We marched them girls to the gym where they undressed in the locker
room. Then I examined them one by one. I wish you could have seen that,
Humbert, cause it was quite a sight. I doubt that there's ever been a
case of strip-searching on such a large scale. All those girls were
eighteen and ready to graduate. Big tits on some of them.

"I took over the office of the Phys Ed instructor and they came in one
at a time. Some was real eager. They just spread their legs and shoved
their bellies toward me. Kinda surprised me -- but it shouldn't have.
Studies on early sex show that a majority of girls become sexually
active at age thirteen. But up to this time I never had much to do with
girls that age.

"They sure did like the strip-searching though. I'd give them one
finger, and sometimes two if I figured they could take it. A couple of
those gals clamped down on my finger and moaned. One of them started
moving her ass back and forth and giving my finger a genuine work-out.
You can see that a gal like that could sure give you a lot of trouble."

Hum nodded. His imagination was on a trip. He kept thinking of all the
kinds of trouble he could get into with twenty hot senior high
schoolers. He agreed one hundred percent with the Sheriff; the situation
was rife with trouble-making potential.

"What about their--er--ah--rear--"

"Assholes? Sure. After checking their pussies, I'd have them bend over a
chair and I'd check them out. Sometimes you can just do a visual but I
don't believe in it. You gotta be sure and there's no better way than
getting a finger right up there where the sun never shines."

Hum nodded some more. While they strolled and talked, Hum became
conscious of the girls on Main Street and the tight jeans they wore. As
the Sheriff held forth on the need for a thorough, two-hole search Hum
studied the bottoms of a pair of girls who swung out of the Sears store
and sauntered in front of him and Roachy.

Hum's attention was captured by the way the jeans seam divided the ass
and plunged between their bottom cheeks. Hum's concentration was
complete and he even felt a little tingle as the Sheriff did a three
minute number on the relative tightness of teenage assholes.

"Vaseline's best," the Sheriff was saying, "but some departments
recommend K-y jelly. The important thing is to use some lubrication.
Crisco works just the same as any other and it's well to keep in mind if
the department is trying to economize.

"One little gal liked that finger up her butt so much that she started
to swing on my finger. I almost forgot where I was and began to shove my
finger in and out. But I recovered in time."

One of the girls walking in front of them chose that moment to drop some
coins and she had to bend from the waist to pick them up. Hum thought
his heart would pound out of his chest as he watched her bent over.
Blood raced to his crotch.

"That newspaper fellow from the Pisky Post was indignant about that part
of the strip-search. He didn't know why we had to do assholes. I set him
straight. I told him that we was looking for a stolen watch and if I
could get the right time by looking up an asshole, I'd look up an

"That newspaper had a field day when it found out about my deputy,
though. I had to fire him because he embarrassed the department. Billy-
Bob went plumb ape-shit before that day was over. He didn't have to do
any of the dirty work. I had that all to myself. All Billy-Bob had to do
was clean up after. And that was his undoing.

"By the way, Humbert, if there's an opportunity to do a strip-search
this afternoon, I'd sure favor it if you lend a hand. Nothing beats
hands-on experience and it would do a lot for the chapter you're going
to write on that subject.

"Where was I? Oh yeah, Billy-Bob. Well, you have to understand that we
take the professional approach and that means we use sterile plastic
gloves when we examine a suspect. And you never use the same glove on
two different girls. 'Taint sanitary.

"The day I strip-searched the twenty girls, I had a big garbage can
handy and it was lined with a large Hefty bag. Soon as I finished with
one girl, I snap off the glove and toss it in the Hefty before pulling
on a clean glove for the next suspect.

"Well sir, when the job was done and we was cleaning up, Billy-Bob
grabbed the Hefty and hauled it to the dumpsters around back of the
building. He was gone for maybe a half hour and we - missed him. I and
one of the other men walked around back and found Billy-Bob. He was
sitting on the ground with his back against the wall behind the
dumpster. His head was in the Hefty. He was sucking that pussy fragrance
from those plastic gloves into his nose.

"His cock was in his hand and he was wacking off like he was trying for
a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. Never did see a guy so worked
up. He'd take a hit of that pussy smell and then he'd take another hit
and wank his tool some more. I shouted at him. 'Billy-Bob,' I said,
'you're embarrassing me and the whole department. Stop it,' I yelled.

"I It was like talking to the wall. Well sir, finally, he reached into
the Hefty and took out one of those gloves. He first passed it under his
nose and then he stuck his cock into it. That did it. His cock fairly
exploded into that glove. He came and came. Afterwards, he just sat
there completely exhausted and with a silly grin on his face. And that's
where the Post reporter found him.

"Wasn't nothing I could do to help him. The Post would have yelled
'cover-up'. He had to go for the good of the force.

"Whoops, hold 'er there, Humbert. I think we got ourselves a
perpetrator." While Hum watched, the Sheriff dashed through the
pedestrian traffic and collared a pretty blonde girl. She was wearing an
expensive blue mini dress -- not a Saturday knockabout. Hum had noticed
her before. She was a standout and her mini revealed an exquisite pair
of tanned legs....long and shapely.

She couldn't have been more than eighteen. Her eyes were a cornflower
blue and her hair was the color of wheat in bright sunshine. At the
moment, she was angry and she was letting the Sheriff know it.

"Spitting on the sidewalk?," cried the incredulous and pretty blonde

"You've got to be joking, Roachy. Come off it. We all know how you love
to strip-search, and I'd like to oblige you any other time, but I have
stuff to do this afternoon. Like having my hair shampooed and trimmed.
And I've got to do some major shopping for my grandfather. Pick on
somebody else, why don't you."

"Missy Fairchild, I'd advise you to come along and not make any trouble
for yourself or your grandpa."

"Sheriff I was tearing at a candy wrapper with my teeth and a tiny piece
of paper came off in my mouth and yes -- I did spit it out. Sheriff,
that piece of paper was a speck, no bigger than a lousy little bread
crumb. That does not constitute spitting on the sidewalk, or littering,
nor any other kind of breaking your silly laws. Sheriff--?"

Missy Fairchild saw from the steely look on the Sheriff's face that she
was losing the argument.

"Aw, shit!," she said. Then raised her face to the ultramarine sky and
asked the timeless question, "Why me, God?"

"Okay, Sheriff ," she said. "But do me a favor? Make it fast this time.
I really have a lot to do this afternoon."


Anyone related to Tom Fairchild was fair game for the sheriff. Indeed,
all Pisky thought the same way. Like most people who failed to reason
beyond their own narrow self-interest, Pisky residents blamed the town's
decline on the Fairchilds.

The Fairchilds were rich. Years ago, they had made money in farming and
mining and then in investments. As an amusing sideline and to provide
jobs in the non-farm economy, Tom began a manufacturing operation which
produced Day-of-the-Week Panties. It was a smashing marketing success.
Young women from New York to California began buying panties in
multiples of seven rather than two or three at a time.

Money poured into Pisky and Tom Fairchild spread it around. He paid
double the going rate for garment workers. And the work embroidering
panties with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so forth, was easy. Tom
also provided health and other benefits, and was working on a profit-
sharing plan. Pisky's economy was looking up and the bright future
seemed endless.

Then, a fast-talking union organizer from New York City appeared on the
scene. He told the people they were fools to work without a contract.
Tom told the workers he was already giving them far more than the union
could get for them. The organizer told them they were being exploited by
capitalist wealth and were nothing but wage slaves without self-

Tom told them he would not be dictated to by a loud-mouthed New Yorker
and that he would close the plant before he would let a union tell him
how to run his business. After a lot of talk, the workers were persuaded
to sign with the union. Tom closed the plant. The loudmouth went back to
the big city. The townspeople never forgave Tom Fairchild.

Missy Fairchild was independent like her grandfather. At age eighteen,
she wasn't about to let anyone push her around. Therefore, in a contest
with the sheriff, she simply considered her options and made a practical
choice. If she had to display her pussy to spike the Sheriff's six-
shooter, well, it was no big deal.

She had, after all, been sexually active since the age of nine. Her sex
life began in the Fairchild stables. The family kept a string of nine
mounts which they bred as hunters. The most active stud was a chestnut
hunter named "Fireball." When a special mare was in heat, "Fireball"
would be led from an upper pasture and brought to the barn where the
mare awaited. He knew where he was going and, on the way to the barn,
his cock would begin to grow ...and harden...and lengthen.

The first time she saw this happen, Missy could hardly believe her eyes.
She asked old Cyrus, the stable master, about it.

"Happens every time, Missy. Just like clockwork," Cyrus told her.
"Fireball figures he's going to get his gun off -- and he certainly is
-- and that's the way he gets ready for it. By the time he gets to the
barn, that old cock of his gets to throbbing like a Ford tractor with
one cylinder missing. We let him mount the mare. She's waiting under a
special wooden rig we built for Fireball to climb on. Don't want him to
hurt the mare. Then we guide that big cock of his into a plastic cunt.
One shove into that fake cunt and he shoots his load. He thinks he's
going into the mare. But that would be a waste. We can service a lot of
mares with that one shot so we save it and spread it around, in a manner
of speaking."

"B-but why does his cock get hard," Missy asked.

"Soze it'll go deeper into the mare and make a good connection."

"Does she like it?"

"Oh, she likes it right enough but we don't let her have it too much."

"That doesn't seem right to me."

"Hm-m-m-m. I expect you have point, Missy."

Missy's knowledge of sex between humans came mostly from watching soap
opera on TV. But it didn't take her long to make a connection between
what she saw in the barn and what she saw on the tube. There were
certain omissions still and she determined to fill in the blanks. In her
usual forthright and direct style, she secured the cooperation of a
good-looking stable boy named Eric. Eric was eighteen. The first time
Missy was aware of him was during a mating ritual like the one described
above. He was holding the huge cock of the stud and maneuvering it into
the plastic cunt. Hard work but instructive.

"Teach me about sex," Missy said.

"Right here and now," asked Eric with a bright and eager look on his
face. They were in a stable which Eric was slopping out.

"Okay," he said, whipping out his cock, "kneel down."

Eric's move was totally unexpected but the girl didn't give it a second
thought. She dropped to her knees with wonder in her eyes. She had never
seen a human cock before. It was getting hard and Eric directed it to
her mouth. He grabbed her blonde pigtails and held her head steady. She
had never heard of cock-sucking but it seemed the natural thing to do.
She opened her mouth and Eric rammed it in.

"Good...good...good," he chanted, slipping it in and out of her mouth.
There was no hesitation on her part. She wanted to know about sex and
wanted to participate fully with the stable boy. Every once in a while,
she'd take his cock into her hand and examine it. She already knew about
it getting hard because of what the horses did. And when Eric finally
knelt and pushed her back into the hay. spreading her legs wide seemed
appropriate. She reached down and directed his cock to her untried cunt
and Eric got his ass behind it and shoved.

It hurt. But once he was in, he relaxed for a moment and she was able to
think about what was going on. Eric had the sense to take it very easy
at first. He moved it slightly in and out and soon she was able to take
a full stroke without any discomfort at all. But it wasn't all that much
fun either. She tolerated it. Finally, he began to huff and race toward
a climax. She liked it when he came and her narrow slit became all wet
and slippery. She liked that part so much that it helped her decide to
try fucking him again at the earliest opportunity. And she did. Often.

Humbert and the Sheriff escorted Missy to the jail. read her her rights,
and entered the complaint against her. Missy played it cool.

Sheriff led the way to an interrogation room. The walls were painted a
restful green. The room was furnished sparsely with a table, two chairs
and a file cabinet. There was an ashtray on the table, containing
several lipstick-smeared butts. They looked as if they had been there a

"This here's my new deputy, Missy, his name's Humbert." Missy
acknowledged Hum with a nod.

"He's gonna do the strip-search as part of his education into police
procedures." Missy nodded again.

"Is it also part of his education into teenage sex, Roachy? C'rnon.
Let's get it over with so I can get out of here."

She lifted her mini-dress over her head and stripped it off. She wasn't
wearing a bra. Her bikini briefs were white nylon. There was a single
word "Saturday" in blue embroidery on them.

"Okay, deputy, it's your move," she said. "You want to take them off or
do you want me to do it."

There was a shriek from the intercom.

"Sheriff, we got a code twenty-four. Better get on it."

"Dang it. Hit and run. Carry on, deputy. I'll be back as soon as I can.
Lock the door behind me."

A moment after he left, they heard the wail of his siren going down
Main. Hum turned the door latch. Missy settled her bottom on the edge of
the table. Hum pulled up a chair and sat facing her.

"Roachy said for you to carry on, deputy. I'm up for it, if you are."

Missy smiled down at Hum and licked her lips. He spread her thighs and
stroked them while she lay back and rested on her elbows. His hands went
to the elastic waist band of her bikini. She raised her butt and he
pulled them down over her golden brown legs. He looked at the moist spot
on the crotch and smiled. He raised the pan ties to his nose and inhaled
their fragrance.

"Police technique, huh. Well, I gotta say you're a welcome addition to
the PPO."

Hum grinned.

"Pull your knees up and spread them," he said.

It was Missy's turn to grin.

"You sure you've never strip-searched a perp? I think you have a real
talent for it." Missy reached under her legs and placed her fingers on
either side of her slit. She pulled the lips apart.

Hum sucked in his breath and licked his lips. His throat had gone dry.

"Can you see down my little fuck hole, deputy? Should I spread it apart
some more? Do you see what you're looking for?"

Missy dipped one finger into the goopy hole. She locked eyes with Hum
and moved the finger in and out.

"Don't stop," Hum croaked. "You're a fantastic turn-on. Keep it up for a

He unzipped his pants and extracted his hardening cock. Then he grabbed
her "Saturday" panties and wrapped them around his tool. He began
stroking himself with the slippery nylon.

"Aw, shit. You're wonderful."

He leaned over and begin licking up her smooth-muscled thighs, licking
up toward the drooling hole. His hand on his nylon covered cock never
stopped stroking. Her thighs tasted faintly of salty sweat but mingled
with lilac bath powder.

He drank in all of her dainty youth with his eyes. He wanted to impress
her on his memory so that he would forget not a single detail. Her
fingernails. Her oddly long big toes. The blonde bangs that covered her
entire forehead and fringed over her eye-brows. Her necklace a single
gold strand. Her direct way of looking at him and the trace of humor he
detected behind her corn-flower blue eyes. Her obscene posture with her
legs, pulled up and spread for the finger that dipped into her drooling
honey pot. Her firm young breasts, tipped with hard, pointy nipples. The
tender fold of skin where her armpit wrinkled. He could see that the
pits were shaved and he longed to thrust his tongue into them and enjoy
her mingled scent of powder and deodorant.

"You forgot something."

Her soft voice wrenched him from his catalogue of Missy Fairchild


"You forgot something. This."

Missy took her slippery finger from her cunt and prodded the tight ring
of asshole muscle. As he gawked, she pressed the finger inside her
asshole up to the second knuckle. Very slowly. Then she pulled it out.
Very slowly. Then in again. It was oh so-o-o deliberately obscene. And
she smirked as she picked up a little speed and finger-fucked her
asshole to a fare-thee-well.

The effect on Hum built slowly and positively. As her finger penetrated
her mauve-colored back hole, Hum uttered a wordless cry and thrust his
mouth at that tight treasure. Her finger slipped out and he quickly
sucked it into his mouth.

He forced her to finger-fuck his mouth with that venturesome finger and
his hand moved ever more quickly ovel his nylon covered cock. She sensed
the frenzy that he felt and looked up in alarm and excitement. Cool
Missy was no more. Hot, excited Missy was ready for thick, hard,
throbbing cock. Man cock. Horse cock. Belching cock, flinging gouts of
hot sperm allover her firm young body. Hum stood. The nylon panties fell
from his cock and revealed the swollen might of his long, thick cock.

Missy was prone on the table now, still spread for his pleasure. Hum's
chest was heaving with breathless excitement.

"You're (gasp) right, Missy. (gasp) I had (gasp) forgotten something
(gasp ). I'll remedy that (gasp) right now."

He grabbed his thick stalk and directed it not at her slobby cunt but at
her tight asshole ring. His pressed his cock head at the little
aperture. Missy looked up at him and shook her head.

"Too big. You'll never make it. Tried it once. Won't go. Way too big.
Hurt me."

Hum wasn't listening. He was fixing on the problem. He moved his cock
head from her asshole and rubbed it against her cunt lips. Her cunt
opened like a pink flower. The huge cockhead stretched the little cunt
sheath and Hum ventured inside. Slowly. Firmly. He entered bit by
precious bit.

Deeper ...deeper ...deeper ...deeper into the moist warmth. Deeper until
he was sheathed up to his hairy balls. And then he gave her short
strokes, quick short strokes that felt so good she laughed. Hum grinned.
He loved to watch her enjoying herself. And oddly, at that moment, he
thought of Lo. Lo and Missy together. What a treat that would be! How
thev would enjoy each other!

But now -- back to the problem. Hum slipped his cock from the tight
sheath and returned the slickened tip to Missy's bottom hole. His cock
was as hard as ivory. He pressed the tip against her --and pushed. Missy
sighed. Hum pushed harder .

"Relax," he said. "Relax. Concentrate on relaxing your asshole. C'mon,
you can do it. I know you can. Concentrate, Missy, concentrate. Take
deep breaths. Relax."

He pushed against her again. Harder and then harder still. He looked
down. He fancied her asshole was yielding. Almost imperceptibly, his
prick was entering her puckered little hole. He applied pressure
steadily. The hole widened.

Missy swallowed hard. She was determined to take his cock inside her ass
hole. She bit her lip as she felt the pressure increase. But she
remembered what he said about concentration and relaxation. It worked
and she felt the penetration proceed. He was in no hurry. Her ass
swallowed his cock bit by bit. He almost couldn't believe it.

Missy perspired. Sweat began to bead on her upper lip and she swiped a
tit with her tongue. She wanted to help him, to press back at the
intruding cock. But it was awkward for her. She could only lie, helpless
and vulnerable, beneath his cock's onslaught. Her ring of muscle held
him in a firm grip.

He continued to press. It was incredible to him that
she could take so much. Before long, he had fully eight inches of thick
cock deep inside of her. And he had three more inches to go.

"You're filling me up," Missy moaned. "Fuck me, stud. Fuck me now ."

She had never felt anything so big inside of her. He had never felt
anything so tight. He began to move his cock in and out. She closed her
eyes and gave herself up to his plunging meat. He quickened the pace and
she yelled, "Yeah Come...come...come. You make me feel so fuckin' horny
baby. Shoot it up my ass. Let me feel it. Make me love it. Give it all
to me. I'm gonna come. I'm coming...coming...COMING!"

Hum couldn't believe it was happening. Missy's urging was bringing him
off. He shot a hot spurt up her ass. Then another, and another, and
another. Suddenly, her ass was liquid fire, fully open to his plunging

Her head twisted back and forth on the hard table top. Her chin dropped.
Her mouth was half open. Her golden bangs were plastered by sweat to her
forehead. She couldn't speak. She made grunting sounds.

Finally, they were quiet. There was no sound but their labored
breathing. Missy felt a warm glow in her bottom. Hum's cock grew smaller
and slipped out of her anal ring. His eyes had glazed over. His face and
hers wore silly grins.

"Uh," said Missy, "I can't believe you did that. And I can't believe it
felt so good. That is the best strip-search I've ever had."

Hum concurred.

"Let's get you dressed before Roachy returns. Okay? And I want you to
come with me and meet my stepdaughter."

"Okay. Let me freshen up a little bit. I could use a shower."

Hum escorted Missy to the outer office and showed her to the Ladies
Room. A few minutes later, the Sheriff's prowler pulled up in front of
the office. Roachy got out with a perpetrator in tow and took him to the
desk where he was charged.

He glanced up at Hum and said, "How did it go? Find anything?"

"She's clean, Sheriff ."


Missy knelt on the bed with her bottom high in the air and her panties
pulled half way down her thighs. Her head lay flat on the counterpane
and her buns were canted up. Lo sat alongside her with a jar of Vaseline
in her hand. She had a gob of the lubricant on her finger and she was
massaging Missy's asshole.

"How's that feel, Missy."

"Much better, Lo. Almost like normal. Now THAT feels great."

Lo giggled. She couldn't resist sticking her fingertip into the raw, red
asshole that Hum had so recently punished. She could see that Missy
didn't mind at all.

Tracy and Cassie stood nearby, watching intently. Hum was showering.

Cassie leaned forward. Her eyes were glued to Missy's pussy. She
wondered if Missy ever did it with a girl. Cassie still hadn't fully
recovered from her experience with Lo. Last night, before she went to
sleep, she thought of their lovemaking and reviewed it in her thoughts
in every detail. She finally fell asleep with her fingers jammed up her
pussy thinking of Lo and Hum.

Looking at Missy's split peach was making her horny. Missy's cunt lips
were dripping and Cassie would ha ve given almost anything to suck on
them and plunge her tongue deep between them. Would she also like to
plunge her tongue into Missy's asshole? She thought she would if she
ever had the opportunity.

Tracy marveled at Lo's concern for Missy. Lo was such a take-charge
person but concerned and tender at the same time...remarkable qualities
in one so young. But Tracy's thoughts focussed more upon Hum. He had
stripped naked before going into the shower and Tracy's vision had
zoomed in upon his tanned and darkened cock shaft. She considered what
it might look like when hard and she felt a yearning to take it in her
hands and tug on it until it grew long and rigid.

Hum had broken Cassie's cherry and the girls said he really knew how.
Would he do her, she wondered. She didn't have long to ponder. At that
moment, Hum stuck his head out the bed room door and called to her.

"Tracy, I need you. Take off your pretty sweater so that it doesn't get
wet. And strip off your jeans."

The other girls smiled. They arranged this for Tracy and they were
probably all thinking the same thing. "Now the fun starts."

It would not have occurred to Tracy to question what Hum asked her to
do. In seconds, she had peeled down to a pair of white cotton panties
and, wearing a shy smile, she disappeared into the steamy bath room.

"Kneel here, sweetheart," Hum said, pointing to a bath mat alongside the
tub. He thought Tracy was delightful and believed himself fortunate to
be in a position to feast his eyes on her naked charms. Her breasts were
small, firm and pointy and her figure was girlishly slender.

Hum stood legs spread slightly in six inches of bath water. His
substantial cock lolled semi-hard against his thigh. Tracy's head was on
a level with his crotch as she knelt. Hum handed her a bar of soap.

"I'd like you to wash my cock, if you don't mind, Tracy. Put your hands
right in the bath water and make a good lather."

A big smile lit up her face. When her hands were well-lathered, she
tried to hold the shaft of his hardening tool. It slipped from her
fingers. They both laughed. Hum thrust his pelvis forward and Tracy
tried again for a grip. She was more successful this time because he had
gotten a nice-size hard-on. She had something to hold onto. Her hand
moved back and forth over the thickening shaft.

"Yes...yes...that's lovely, darling. Such a lovely feeling. Have you
ever jerked off a boy, Tracy?"

"Uh-uh. Is that what you call this? Jerking off?"

Hum said it was and asked her if she liked doing this to him.

"Oh, yes. Before, when you got undressed, and I saw your cock for the
first time, I knew right then I wanted to touch it and see it get hard.
I'm so glad It makes you feel good. I could do this all night. God, it's
big. Want me to soap up my hands again?"

Hum said that she should and she worked up a good lather. Her hands
moved faster now and Hum began a little thrusting motion. She wrapped
both of her slippery hands around his thrusting cock and he fucked into
them. The head of his cock was swollen to near bursting. In her eyes, it
was a big, juicy plum and she was dying to press her mouth against it
and stretch her mouth to grasp it between her lips.

Hum could almost read her thoughts.

"You'd like to put it in your mouth, wouldn't you, Tracy?'.

She looked up and nodded.

"Okay. But you don't want that awful soap taste in your mouth, do you?
Here, wipe it off with this wash cloth."

When the soap was off, Tracy grabbed Hum's cockstaff at the base and
directed it toward her mouth. She was very deliberate about it, unlike
her experience in the morning when everything with Charlie was so
frenzied. Now, she took her time.

She began licking at the cockhead, paying special attention to the
little piss slit. She slipped the whole head into her mouth, stretching
her lips obscenely to get it in. And she licked underneath the head and
flicked at the slit with her tongue tip.

"Marvelous, Tracy, marvelous. You have a great technique. I feel like I
could just about shoot all over your face."

"Not yet. Please. I want to suck it some more. Can you hold it back for
a minute?"

She went back to flicking her tongue at the head. At the same time, she
moved her hand back and forth along the shaft, gently jerking him off.
By now, his cock was incredibly long and hard. She moved her other hand
to the shaft and began a two-handed movement while she increased the
suction to the head.

Hum's chest rose and fell as he began deep-breathing. He looked down at
Tracy's sweet face. The sight of the girl working on his dick, her mouth
and tongue doing tricks on his cock, was a tremendous turn on for him.

As he looked down at her, her hand stole down over her tummy and down
the front of her cotton panties. Her finger dipped into her slit and
searched out the hard little button of her clit. Her finger inscribed a
circle around the sensitive node for a time and then plunged down
between her sopping lips and probed at her tight little fuck hole. She
couldn't speak with his huge cock head in her mouth but she did moan to
express the intensity of her feelings.

Hum stilled the action of her hand on his cock and removed it from her
mouth. He knelt in the bath tub and kissed her on the lips.

"Slow down, Tracy, I'm afraid I'll shoot in your mouth. And we have a
way to go before we finish. You do want my cock up your pussy, don't

Tracy pressed her lips together and nodded solemnly.

"Okay then, take your finger from your pussy first of all. Put it in my
mouth. That's right. Mm-m-m-m. Very tasty. I can smell your lady-smell
on your finger, your pussy fragrance. It makes me very excited, Tracy,
it makes me want to shove my cock into you. Are you ready for it, honey?
I don't think I can wait any longer."

Hum climbed out of the tub and dried himself. His stiff cock slapped
against his leg as he did so. He had a hard-on that wouldn't quit. Tracy
watched him open-mouthed. Finally, he sat on the commode and motioned
her to come to him. She stood between his spread legs and he stripped
her panties down her legs. When he saw her almost hairless cunt mound,
he sucked in his breath. She kicked her panties into a corner .

"C'mon, straddle me," he said.

She spread her legs and placed her feet on either side of him. His hands
cradled her bottom and he pulled the cheeks apart. Instinctively and
impulsively, one of his fingers went to her asshole. When she felt his
fingertip exploring so intimately, she wriggled, trying to dislodge it.

No one had ever put a finger up her ass and she didn't know what she
should do about it. But she trusted Hum. She put her hands on his
shoulders. She looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. He
grasped his cockshaft in one hand and held it upright.

As she lowered herself down on it she wrapped her arms around his neck
and took a deep breath. He moved his cock head to the tiny pink
aperture. It opened to him as far as it could. Hum knew it would be a
tight fit.

Tracy reached down and tried to help but there was little she could do.
Hum hugged her tightly and pressed his mouth against her neck. He bit
her neck playfully and rammed his cock into her pussy at the same time.
She cried out.

"It hurts. Take it out. Oh shlt, it hurts."

Hum tried to be gentle her, stroking her back, hugging her. He kissed
all over her face, her nose, her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes. Genuine
tears coursed down her cheeks and he kissed them away. But he didn't
remove his cock from the tight sheath that gripped him from the tip to
the balls.

After a moment, she became calm. She looked at him and smiled bravely.

"I'm full of cock," she said. "Oh God, I'm so full of cock."

He stroked her some more.

"Good girl," he said, kissing her again. "Does it still hurt?"

"A little bit."

"More than before."

"No. No, it feels better."

"Okay. Try and move a little bit. Don't move too fast or too suddenly.
Just raise and lower yourself a little bit. That's good. Try it again.
Easy...easy. There. Does that feel okay?"

"Oh, Hum. I feel like such a cry-baby. It feels good now. It feels
really fine. Does it feel good for you too?"

"Yeah. But don't worry about me. You're on top and you take charge. You
can move to your own feelings. If it hurts don't move so fast. Okay?"


Tracy hugged Hum around the neck and began to move slowly and
tentatively up and down. The mouth of her tight little cunt moved no
more than an inch in the up and down cycle. Her cheek was pressed
against his, her mouth close to his ear. He heard her going "0ooo.
Ouuuu. Ouuuu." as if it hurt. But she didn't want to stop.

The important thing was that she was feeling something inside that was
bigger than her finger. She felt stuffed. And she felt cared for. The
pain was a thing of the past and, besides, it wasn't as bad as she
imagined it was going to be.

And his cock felt so great!

Hum held Tracy's butt in both his large hands. Her ass cheeks were so
small his hands covered them completely. Again, one of his fingers stole
to her asshole. Her up and down movement caused his finger tip to stroke
back and forth over the tight little bud. She didn't seem to mind.

Her Oooo...Ouuu...Ouuu sounds became something else. The sounds held
less pain and more pleasure. They went Uummm...Uummm...Uummm. And her up
and down stroking of her cunt over his cock extended to an inch and a
half and then two and then three inches.

She was really flying now and she hugged him tighter around the neck. He
kissed her cheek and her ear and her eyelids. He made little cooing
pleasure sounds in her ear, urging her on. He also remembered the full
length mirror on the bathroom door and stole a glance at it.

The sight that met his eyes made him gasp. Up and down, up and down, the
sylph-like body rose and fell over his hairy loins. Beauty and the
beast, he thought.

The muscle in her little ballerina legs drove her cunt up and down the
long thick shaft. Her pert little behind seemed propelled by a satanic
energy from a mysterious source. The girl was, after all, a virgin until
just a few minutes ago. Now, she was driving her body in what appeared
to be practiced strokes, artfully contrived to give him the utmost
pleasure. Faster ...and faster ...and faster .

"Tracy," he whispered. "Look this way, at the mirror on the door." When
she saw herself fucking him, she drew in a deep breath. She smiled and
stared at herself in surprise.

"Oh, Hum, how utterly lewd I look! Is that really sweet, innocent little
Tracy I see there having the shit fucked out of her and loving it! Is
that sweet Tracy sitting on your big thick cock and trying to jam more
and more of it up her slippery cunt! I can't believe it."

"What a picture we make! Oh, Hum I love the dirty picture we make
together. Turn Just a little bit so I can see more. No, not that way.
This way. That's right."

"Oh look at how stretched my cunt is. Oh, and we can see my little
asshole. You ARE a sex monster, you dirty, dirty man. Hump me, you
fiend. Hump me, you seducer. Harder, you prick, give it to me harder.
Oh, Hum, I feel something happening. I think I'm about to boil over.
Stuff me with cock. Don't stop fucking me, whatever you do."

And Hum did try to meet the demands of her succulent pussy. It was
difficult but he tried to respond to her up and down movement with a
movement of his own. He thrust from a sitting position to get his cock
deeper and deeper into her sloshy sex.

While he watched her frenzied but vulnerable body trying to get more of
him inside of her, the aspect in the mirror altered somewhat. It
startled him. Then he realized the mirrored door was moving.

Some one was coming into the bathroom. Lo's head appeared around the
side of the door. Smiling Lo was checking their progress. Tracy didn't
notice. She was on another plateau entirely. She was starting to come
and she grunted every time Hum's cock dove into her cunt.

"Omigod....Omigod...Omigod," she repeated over and over again, "I'm
going to come. I'm coming...I'm coming."

Lo sized up the situation immediately and fell to her knees between
Hum's legs. She looked up at Tracy's little asshole, stretched fit to
bust above the juicy cunt that spasmed around Hum's pistoning cock.

Just as Tracy screamed "I'm coming," Lo put her mouth on Tracy's asshole
and thrust her pointy tongue inside the orgasmic girl's anus. This
caused Tracy to shudder and scream anew. Lo tongue fucked the sphincter
as deep as she possibly could. It was no contest. Lo was insistent and
the sphincter gave in.

Missy and Cassie, alerted by the noises, came to the bathroom doorway.
They had taken their clothes off completely to be ready for some kind of
action and they stood and watched as Lo jammed her tongue into Tracy.

In a twinkling, Hum let out a loud groan. His monstrous cock pulled
Tracy's quivering slit and threw out of a huge jet of come that hit Lo
directly in the throat. She heard Hum groan and she felt the come strike
and begin trickling down between her plum-sized breasts.

Before Hum could shoot again, Lo's mouth covered his cockhead and she
took his second jet into her throat. A muffled cry of triumph came from
her. Tracy had worked hard for this come but Lo was getting it in the
mouth. A third and a forth jet spewed from Hum's cock. By this time, it
was running down Lo's chin and onto her breast. She ran her hand up and
down the cockshaft to coax more of Hum's seed from it. It covered her

Hum's head was thrown back and rolled from side to side. Tracy hadn't
moved; she was draped over his hairy body.

Lo looked up at Cassie and Missy, a smile on her come-covered face.

"Just in time," she said. "One second later and he would have shot
allover the floor. Come on over here and get some of this."

The two girls joined Lo on their knees and they took turns sucking on
Hum s dwindling erection. After a short break, Tracy stood. Lo also got
up and the two girls hugged and kissed each other on the mouth. Their
naked pussies rubbed together.

Tracy seemed to shake herself back to life, and giggled. "Oh Lo," she
said, "So fine. I was so full of cock. So full. I had no idea
it could feel so good. My first fuck. It was so fine. So fine."

They put their arms around each others waist and walked into the other
room. They threw themselves side by side on the bed. Tracy kissed Lo and
her tongue darted into Lo's mouth.

"Uhm-m-m-m, I can taste Hum's come in your mouth. That's wild...really

Lo looked into Tracy's eyes and just shook her head and smiled. She just
couldn't believe this girl. Lo had never met anyone quite like Tracy and
she could hardly believe that anyone like her really existed.

"Taste it again, Tracy."

Missy and Cassie joined them on the bed. They began to caress each
other, to kiss and to feel each others wet pussies.

"You know when Hum first put the head of his cock in my slit, I swear I
thought I'd split in two," said Tracy. "But I'd made up my mind I wasn't
going to leave this motel with my cherry in one piece. I wanted it
thoroughly busted and I wanted Hum to do the job."

"Lo, you're so good to share Hum with us. When the two of you walked
into the Sweet Shop yesterday, my eyes just ate him up. He's the best-
looking thing I've seen in a long time. I just don't know what I'd have
done if you were the least bit possessive about him."

"It's really nothing, Tracy. I know what he likes and I try to help him
to get it. He thinks he knows what I like and I just let him think it.
It doesn't harm either one of us."

Missy leaned over to Lo and said, "Do you think Hum's okay. He's still
in the bathroom and I have to pee. I hate to disturb him."

"I have to pee too," Cassie said.

"You won't be disturbing him. Just tap on the door. We're very informal
about things like that. And don't be surprised if he hangs in and
watches you tinkle. He has a slight kink in that area."

"Oh goodie," said Missy, leaping up.

She gave a timid tap and said, "Hum, Cassie and I have to pee. Can we
come in?"

"Come in, girls, come in. Do you have to pee really bad?"

"Only for the past half hour while we waiting for you to finish with
Tracy. Honest, I think I'm going to burst a kidney. What are you doing?"

Hum was jacking on his cock. He had half a hard-on. He grabbed it at the
base and shook it at them.

"I'm about ready to piss up a storm, if you want to know the truth. Get
in the bath tub. Cmon. Quickly now."

Giggling, the girls jumped into the tub. Almost immediately Hum began to
piss. The hard stream splashed on the girls taut little tummies and ran
down between their legs. Hum waved his cock back and forth, spraying
their legs and their pussies. They giggled and wrapped their arms
protectively around their upper bodies. Their eyes popped at the sight
of the well-hung man spraying them all over with his golden piss.

"Hum, I've seen stallions who couldn't hold a candle to you when it
comes to pissing," Missy said. "Now how about you getting in here and
letting us do it to you. It's only fair."

Hum was so eager, he practically vaulted into the tub with the two
girls. And although the tub was awash with his pee, he lay down in it
and directed the two girls to stand and straddle his body.

"Missy, you stand over my head and you Cassie -- I want you to aim at my
cock. That's right. Now, are you ready. Okay, let it go."

Missy half-squatted over his face. Looking up, Hum could hardly believe
his good fortune. Missy put her hand between her legs and spread her
puffy outer lips, exposing the little piss hole. Hum grabbed his cock
and, excitedly, began to jerk off as an erratic stream poured out of
Missy's urethra. When the stream didn't hit Hum directly in the face,
Missy squatted closer to him and canted her bottom.

Cassie with a big radiant smile let go with her stream, a heavy golden
flow. Some of her stream splashed on her legs and coursed down to her
feet. Most of it struck Hum's swiftly moving hand which was moving him
rapidly to yet another climax. Missy's stream hit him in the eyes, on
his nose, and in his mouth.

Through the hot stream, however , Hum could clearly see the dear girl's
half parted pussy and the sight propelled him to a state of near orgasm.
A few more strokes on his swollen throbber did the job. His come burst
out of the slit on his purple cock head.

"Oh, yes, you cunts," he cried. "Let me have it. Give me all of it. Pelt
me with your scalding piss while my cock delivers its hot load.

His semen spurted into the air in big gobs and then fell back on his
belly, his balls and his hand. Cassie and Missy gaped and then grinned
at each other. Mission accomplished. Cassie had completely ended her
squirt and ran her finger up and down her little slit. Missy's flow had
stopped but she was still able to squeeze out a couple of tiny spurts
and that delighted Hum. He looked exhausted but content.

"I'm tired," he said. "I don't think I could even turn on the faucet.
Will one of you do it? I think we could all stand a shower."

With the flow and the temperature adjusted just right, Hum struggled to
his feet.

"Who'd like to wash my cock?"


"I will...I will."

He wagged his limp cock at them.

"I don't think there's enough there for two. But if you work on


Sheriff Roche got behind the wheel of his squad car and turned south on
Main. He was just cruising -- there being nothing else to do. Being
Sunday morning, the town slumbered. The Sheriff noted that it was
another perfect Pisky day. The sun was more than halfway to noon. The
sky was clear cerulean and the air was cool. Few people were on the
streets. Pisky seemed to be sighing after a noisy and routinely active
Saturday night.

The Sheriff yawned and stretched. He was oddly discontented and very
uneasy. For a while, he day-dreamed about his possible appearance on the
Billy Gerson TV Show and he tried out a few humorous lines in his head.
Then he thought of how he rousted eight speeders on the main roads in
and out of town. The speeders, hauled before Justice Perkins,
contributed to the fiscal health of Pisky law enforcement.

And he couldn't forget the interesting strip-search he conducted on the
person of a nineteen-year old college freshman. She was driving a
Pontiac Fiero (she called it a "Pantiac") and had switched lanes without
signalling. He blew her down and explained it was a crystal clear
infraction of Pisky's safe-driving code. The strip-search ensued

Nice looking gal. Slim-hipped and long-Iegged, she gave the Sheriff a
pleasant surprise when she inched down her string bikini panties. There
was not a single hair on her pubic mound. It was as bald as a six-year-

Roachy gawked at her crotch. His chin dropped to his chest. She was
obviously delighted at his reaction.

"Like my little Kojak," she asked.

"Your what?

"That's what my boy friend calls my bald cunt."

Roachy shook his head.

"Damnedest thing lever saw."

"He likes it."

"Whadya do? Shave it?"

"Uh-huh. Twice a week."

"He ever shave it for you?"

"Once or twice. But I'd rather do it myself. I'm lots faster than he

"Why does he like it like that?"

"This way he never gets hairs in his teeth."


"I like it too. It makes me feel cleaner and when I sprinkle a little
bath powder on it, it's as smooth as silk."

"Okay. Well, let's have a look."

The girl held up her skirt and spread the puffy outer lips. The Sheriff
leaned forward and took a closer look. She spread her legs wider and
pulled the lips back a little more. Her clitoris popped out from under
the little foreskin. It seemed to be crying. A drop of moisture coursed
down one of the spread-open lips.

"Oh, Sheriff," the girl said.

"Hum," said Roachy, running his tongue over his dry lips, "darnedest
thing I ever did see."

He pulled a plastic glove on over his right hand. He placed the tip of
his middle finger at the entrance of the girl's cunt hole and slid it
deep into her cuntal sheath.

"Oh, Sheriff," she repeated herself. Her head was thrown back and she
took a deep breath. She also took a chance by placing her right hand at
the back of Roachy's neck and pulling his head toward her splayed cunt
lips. Roachy was completely taken aback. He hadn't expected the move.

His open mouth covered the girl's cunt. His nose pressed against her
throbbing clit. His tongue came out and licked the pink, inflamed
tissues. The girl mashed her cunt against his face and she wriggled it
from side to side.

Roachy's hands came up behind the girl and he grasped the soft melons of
her bottom cheeks. He pulled her toward him and ground his face into
Kojak. She screamed softly.

"That's it, Sheriff. Go for it." Roachy's tongue found her clitoris and
began to lash at it. His moves were frantic and frenzied. He'd never had
a perp excite him so much. His tongue dug deeper into her cunt channel.
She spread her legs wider. She wanted him IN -- all the way in. He
rammed her with his plasticized glove finger.

"Oh, Sheriff, you're the greatest. You're the best sheriff a town could
have. You are super, absolutely super." And then she came all over his

The incident was burned into Roachy's mind. He was shaken by it. He ran
it again and again and again on the XXX adult movie screen of his
consciousness. This was his first transgression in all his years in law
enforcement. His shook his head with self-loathing and wondered what he
should do.

His imagination was fired up. He thought of himself on the Billy Gerson
Show. Billy tapped a pencil on his desk, leaned over and leered.
(Audience laughter).

"Strip-searching, eh?" (More laughter).

"That's my specialty, Billy."

"Tell me, Sheriff, how do you maintain any detachment when you're doing
your-ah-specialty? I mean, it must be kind of difficult to hang on to
your --er--cool.

"All in a day's work, Billy. y'see us folks in law enforcement see a lot
of stuff that would rattle your average person...."

"I guess you would see a lot of stuff if you strip-search very

The pitfalls of a TV interview became apparent to the Sheriff. He'd have
to lead the interview in a way that would let him control it. Keep it
serious, dignified.

He was driving by the Sleepy Valley Motel and noticed Hum's Olds. He
wondered how his temporary deputy was getting along. He sure had a
pretty stepdaughter, Roachy decided. Smart too. He thought of stopping
and brought the squad car smartly around and parked next the Olds.
Should he tell Hum about the move he put on that cute little perp last
night? Better not. Hum might lose confidence in his law enforcement
skills. Worse still, Hum might not include him in his book.

"Howdy, Sheriff," said Hum, answering Roachy's knock.

"Wondering how your research into strip-searching was coming along."

Hum was wearing chino pants and no shirt but he had on his jogging
shoes. When one considered all the action he seen in the past two days,
he didn't look half bad.

"I've been writing up all my notes, Sheriff, with the help of the perp.
Missy's here. C'mon in."

Missy Fairchild and Lo were having morning coffee. In negligee, they
looked adorable. Both wore loose tank tops that afforded a look at their
small, firm tits whenever they leaned over. Untethered, the little
nipples poked at the thin material. Their lightweight cotton panties
clearly outlined their cunts and the material tucked into their slits.
They might as well have been naked. But the few clothes they wore made
them seem all the more sexy.

Missy sat on the love seat with her knees tucked up under her chin. Lo
sat Indian-fashion, cross-legged on the bed. Missy had spent the night,
with Hum's easily obtained permission.

"Busy night, Sheriff?"

"Your usual Saturday night. No killings, a few speeders, and one strip-

"One strip-search?" the three chorused.

Missy said, "Don't you ever get tired of sticking your finger into
strange pussy, Sheriff?"

"I don't mind."

"I've been wondering more about the results," Lo said. "I mean how much
dope have you found in all the pussy you've probed?"

"No drugs. Found a fake cock once."

"FAKE COCK?" they all shouted at once.

"Uh-huh. You might want to make a note of this, deputy. I recollect this
cute little gal I searched had a bad case of the hots. Needed sex real
bad. When I told her to take down her panties, she got very flustered.
She objected so much that I thought for sure I had made a dope bust. But
that wasn't it, She was just plain embarrassed to have me find what I

"It was a plastic cock about so long. Looked just like the real thing.
That little gal just like to feel something up there as she was driving
along in her little lap car. Of course, she could move it back and forth
some if she'd a mind to. Don't know how it might have affected her

Hum scribbled furiously in his note book while Lo and Missy looked at
each other wide-eyed. Lo rubbed the crotch of her panties and the
material went up into her slit. Missy wondered what a fake cock might
feel like if she had one inside when horseback riding. Now, if she could
only find out where to buy one. Maybe Hum knew. She was certain she'd
never see one in a Sears Catalog.

"God, you must have been surprised when you first saw it. What did you
think? What did you do?"

"Sure, I was surprised all right. When I asked the gal what it was, she
just slipped it out and showed it to me. It was all covered with her hot
juices. And she insisted on showing me how it worked. She slid it in and
out of her cunt hole a couple of times. Then she made a circle with her
thumb and forefinger and slipped that cock in and out of the ring. Hell,
she didn't have to do that. I got the idea right away without her having
to show me."

"On the other hand, Sheriff ," Hum said, "she might have been trying to
excite you. That demonstration might have been gauged to arouse your
passions to a point where you'd want to fuck her and drop any and all
charges against her. She'd figure you'd go easy on her. That could
happen, don't you think?"

Lo was actively rubbing her pussy now. She wasn't trying to get off. It
simply felt good, better than doing nothing. Missy had slipped her hand
in through the arm opening of her shirt and was massaging one of her
pert little breasts.

"Sheriff ...Sheriff? I said that could happen couldn't it," Hum
repeated. "Why Sheriff -- I believe you're blushing. I'm sure he's
blushing. Lo, look at him. Isn't he blushing, Missy?"

While the three of them stared Roachy looked down at the floor. He made
a little circle on the floor with the tip of his boot. Roachy felt
serious embarrassment. He smiled sheepishly. The girls were open
mouthed. This was not the Roachy they had grown to know.

"You're right, Humbert, it could happen that a perp would do something
like that to gain advantage over a law enforcement officer."

"It DID happen," Lo shouted, clapping her hands and laughing and jumping
on the bed. "I know it happened. I know it. Oh Sheriff, tell us about
it. When did it happen? Was she a local girl? What did you do? Oh, you
dirty old man. Do you want to do it again? I'll bet you do."

Missy's face brightened and she leaned forward eagerly. Hum wore a grin
that threatened to split his face horizontally. The Sheriff threw up his
hands in a what's-the-use gesture and told them about his compromising
actions of the night before -- the Incident of the Bald Pussy. His
little audience was fascinated.

"I've never thought of shaving mine, have you, Lo? I must try it. I
simply must. And you know, everyone, that the Sheriff has strip-searched
me several times and put his finger in. Isn't that true, you naughty
law-man? Does it have to be shaved to appeal to you?"

Whereupon Missy spread her legs wide and pulled her pantie crotch to the
side. Then she pulled her cunt lips apart.

"You don't like this, heh. You wouldn't lick this sweet pussy of mine?
Hum, get your razor and give it to the Sheriff. He's going to give me a

Hum motioned to Lo with his head to get into the bathroom. Then he
followed her in.

"What's going to happen, Daddy," Lo whispered. "Do you think he'll fuck
her. God, he certainly shouldn't need any more encouragement than she's
given him. She threw it in his face."

"Dear sweet Lo, let's cool it. Leave them alone and let matters take a
natural course. We'll hang out here for a little bit and see what
develops. And, by the way, do you know that you look very sexy today.
Those cotton panties are intriguing and have been giving me a semi-hard
cock ever since we got up this morning."

"To tell you the truth, Dad, I don't know whether to drop to my knees
and suck your cock or to take your razor outside and watch Roachy give
her a shave. My options have never been so gorgeous."

"Be careful, Lo. If you suck my cock, I'm going to give you a mouthful.
I can't remember ever being quite so horny. If on the other hand you
encourage the barber-with-the-badge, he'll give her a baldy and then eat
all his evidence from now on."

"Hum, have you ever thought of shaving me?"

"You hardly have enough to shave and I like it just the way it is." Lo
moved to the bathroom door and put a finger to her lips.

"Sh-h-h-h." She opened the door a crack and peeked out. Then she turned
back to Hum and nodded her head.

"Want to see how the chapter ends? Take a look."